Public sector marketing

Marketing within the UK Government isn't just good value in terms of ROI. Campaigns designed to help us live healthier lives and reduce crime are also undeniably important areas for public money to be spent.

Our White Paper provides both examples and evidence that investment in public sector marketing is a good strategy to maintain.

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The real NHS: the benefits of a marketing approach

In November 2006, the National Health Service's new marketing code was issued, the first explicit sign that the long-proposed idea of a patient-led service was underway. As such, it was recognised that marketing can change the orientation of the NHS away from a process or operations approach to one that places patients at the centre of its activities.

But how do marketers adopt a responsible marketing approach within the NHS? And what can marketing actually deliver for the NHS, its 'customers' and its many stakeholders?

The CIM consulted with professional marketers from across the NHS to explore these issues. Perhaps inevitably, some NHS staff may perceive marketing as just 'spin' or advertising. But it can play a far more strategic role within the NHS, helping to deliver real benefits for both patients and staff and this report reveals why. 

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Measure for measure: metrics and marketers in the NHS

Marketers need to ensure they are delivering value for money in any organisation, but proving that they are making the most of the precious resources they have in the NHS can be particularly challenging.

This second paper on marketing in the NHS explores how measurement can be used to prove the value of marketing as an income earner, cost saver and value creator - not a cost to the system.

Working with marketers across the NHS, the CIM examines the importance of measurement in the context of the NHS, how marketers can measure and monitor their activities and what tools can help them.

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