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We offer a pathway for your professional development through our portfolio of marketing qualifications recently updated to reflect the needs of marketers and businesses today.  

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Foundation Certificate in Marketing

Foundation Certificate in Marketing

This qualification aims to equip you with the skills, knowledge and understanding to perform in a support-level marketing role.

Covering both marketing principles and customer communications, this qualification will enable you to develop a good understanding of the wider role of marketing to apply in your future career progression.

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Certificate in professional marketing

Certificate in Professional Marketing

Our Certificate will equip you with the knowledge, skills and understanding to be able to perform at an operational level. It will give you an understanding of the wider role of marketing and practical skills to apply within the workplace.

This qualification includes insight into marketing concepts and tools, integrated communications, customer experience and digital marketing.

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Diploma in professional marketing

Diploma in Professional Marketing

The Diploma will upskill you in marketing metrics and measurement techniques to enable you to interpret insights in order to take a strategic approach to marketing.

It will enable you to perform at management level through modules that include Strategic Marketing, Mastering Metrics, Driving Innovation and Digital Strategy.

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Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Our challenging Postgraduate Diploma will enable you to influence and champion the customer experience, contribute to competitive strategy and align the organisation activities to the customer and marketing activities.

Completed in two stages, the first includes emerging themes, Analysis and Decision, Marketing leadership and planning and managing corporate reputation, whilst the second focuses on leading marketing at strategic level.

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