27 April 2017 Grosvenor House Hotel
Park Lane | London


This year’s awards feature a range of new categories, which have been introduced to reflect the ever-evolving marketing profession so that we can best highlight your work.

Best Brand Building Campaign

This award recognises campaigns that have excelled at developing brand awareness, affinity and/or loyalty amongst prospects or customers. Whatever the life-stage of your brand, show how your campaign resonated with the target audience and over delivered on brand metrics.


Best Customer Experience Strategy

This award recognises the outstanding application of a cohesive customer experience strategy. By demonstrating how your brand values are aligned to the customer experience, show how a consistency across all touch points has exceeded customer expectations.

Best use of Data and Insight

This award recognises the intelligent use of data to create compelling insights, resulting in an improved product or customer experience. Through expert analysis, demonstrate how insightful strategies have resulted in business success and delivered a competitive advantage.

Best Partnership Marketing Campaign

This award recognises the effortless strategic alignment of two partnering organisations to deliver a compelling customer marketing campaign. Show how your joint approach and shared goals achieved a measurable win-win result.

Best Corporate Social Responsibility

This award recognises the effective harnessing of an organisation’s influence to deliver a positive social or environmental change. Whether a one-off campaign or sustained approach, demonstrate how you’ve put responsible business practice at the heart of your organisation.

Best use of Digital Marketing

This award recognises the best use of digital to achieve a business objective. Whether innovative, creative, programmatic or immersive, demonstrate how your digital channels or technology have delivered marketing excellence and a strong return on investment.

Best use of Social Media

This award recognises the inventive use of social media to engage in tangible interactions with an audience. Whether paid or organic, solus or part of an integrated campaign, show how your social media activity has made a measurable impact.

Best Integrated Campaign

This award recognises campaigns that deliver excellence through a range of channels. There must be clear objectives and rationale behind the media strategy along with creative synergy across all the activity, resulting in demonstrable value added from each channel.  

Innovation – New Product/Service

This award recognises the innovative development of a new product or service. Show how a customer-centric approach led to an outstanding value proposition, setting you apart from the competition and mutually benefitting your business and customers.

Innovation – Not-for-profit/Public Sector

This award recognises pioneering change in the pursuit of growth within the NFP or Public sector. Innovation isn’t reliant on a big budget so demonstrate how your approach added value to your customers and benefitted your organisation.

Agency of the Year

This award recognises the agency that has had an unrivalled year. Showcase your successes across strategy, insight and creative, proving how you have delivered marketing excellence for your clients, outshone your competitors and set new standards for the future.

Marketer of the Year

This award recognises the stellar impact one individual has had on an organisation. Whether a colleague has gone beyond the parameters of their role or you’ve dedicated an unsurpassable level of commitment yourself, show how creativity, originality and an inspiring work ethic provided a remarkable personal contribution.

Marketing Team of the Year (client side)

This award recognises the marketing team that has been instrumental to the success of their organisation. Reinforced by measurable results, demonstrate how your team’s collaborative and strategic approach to marketing has helped transform the performance of your business.

Marketing Campaign of the Year

This award recognises the best individual campaign that delivered a stunning impact on the target audience and competition. Whatever your campaign aimed to achieve, share the work you’re most proud of and detail the challenges you faced, the insights and creative you developed along with the brilliant results you achieved.

Chair’s Award

Chosen by our Chair, Christopher Masters, this special award is presented to a category finalist whose execution and distinctive approach places them a cut above the rest.