How to use this tool

In order to enable us to offer the plan to the widest number of people and accommodate different PC set ups and systems requirements, CIM have kept the technology supporting the plan as simple as possible. However, if you are experiencing difficulties it may be down to an old, incompatible browser and you should therefore think about upgrading to one of the latest browsers such as Firefox.


Fig. 1 - Screen shot showing the full array of navigation items, explained below. Fig. 1
  1. Home button - this will take you back to the tools homepage.
  2. Feedback button - this will take you to a form that provides you with a means of telling us what you think of our tool.
  3. 'How to' button - navigate back to this page if you are unsure about anything.
  4. Print button - we have provided you with a useful print button on certain pages if you should wish to take the information away with you for further reading.
  5. Overview & Audit - an overview of marketing and the sections within this tool. Use this as a reference to your own plan.
  6. Section finder - a quick and easy way to look back over the steps in your plan. It's not recommended that you use this until you've filled it out as you may miss a page.
  7. Save your plan - saving your plan to your pc only activates once you have begun writing your own plan. You can save it at any time but once you do it will no longer be available to edit online and you may have to start again. Once you have started your work will be available for 7 days, after which our servers clean itself to avoid being overloaded.

Step-by-step examples

Fig. 2 - Screen shot showing the two example types: a) Worked Example and b) Master Class. Fig. 2
  1. Worked Example - To see how your plan could look view these Worked Examples. We have created a plan for the fictional company, "Business Books"
  2. Master Class - Use the Master Class Tips if you want to make use of tried and tested marketing theory.


Once you have put your own input into the plan template, simply follow the instructions to save your plan. The sections you have completed will then be saved to your hard drive as a Microsoft Word document.

If in the same user session you wish to update a section you have already completed you may use the browser 'back' button to return to, and amend, the previously completed section. Alternatively, use the 'Section finder'.

Once you have saved the plan to your PC you will not be able to make any more changes to it through the CIM website. You may, however, edit the plan at your leisure, in the same way as any other Microsoft Word document. This is a good time to create your own matrices and tables and put those Master Class tips to work