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Coffee cup scheme takes off

The #1MoreShot, a campaign supported by Waitrose, Greggs, Costa, McDonald’s, and other major high street chains, has just launched in Manchester. Run by charity, Hubbub, it aims to encourage people to recycle their disposable coffee cups. The Manchester experiment involves 11 giant coffee cup recycling bins which have been placed in the city’s busiest street.

The Grocer, 15 October 2016, p6

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St John Ambulance in babygrow campaign

St John Ambulance is giving away babygrows as part of its campaign to increase awareness of first aid for babies. The front of the babygrow, which features a Humpty Dumpty character, shows the main steps to be used in the CPR process. The project also reflects the charity’s desire to lose its “old fashioned” image., 10 October 2016

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Gaze time

A new study looks at how long an ad needs to be viewable in order to reach a certain length of “gaze time”. Research Now and Sticky, by InSkin Media, reveals that ads have to be viewable for 14 seconds in order to achieve just one second of gaze time., 30 September 2016

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Stoptober to use Facebook bots

In this year’s Stoptober campaign, aimed at helping people to stop smoking, Public Health England is launching a big campaign on Facebook. Stoptober will use Facebook messenger bots to communicate with participants, the bots will act as a support tool to help smokers who experience cravings during the programme., 20 September 2016

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Apple to reduce information for advertisers

In iOS 10, the latest version of Apple’s operating system, the company will share less information with advertisers when a user opts out of receiving a targeted ad. Advertisers argue that this lack of information will lead to less relevant ads. Apple says it will allow search ads on the App Store.

Campaign, 16 September 2016, p6

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Paralympics – underestimated opportunities

The Paralympics in Brazil has failed to attract the top partners that the Olympics has done. While some sponsors – Toyota, Visa, Samsung, Atos and Panasonic – have partnered with both the International Paralympic Committee and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), others ‒ P&G, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Omega ‒ have only partnered with the IOC. It could take a decade for marketing investments in the Paralympics to achieve parity with the Olympics. Sainsbury’s, which pioneered sponsorship of the Paralympics, says its investment has “exceeded expectations”.

Campaign, 9 September 2016, pp2-3

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