Our brand

As part of our first major rebrand in more than a quarter of a century, we’ve redefined our role to better reflect our vision and values as the world’s leading professional marketing body. In this role, we’ve built on our heritage and authority by moving past being just the voice of marketing ­– and taken our position as an active participant in the conversation.

This new position was followed by a new visual identity, designed after conducting over a year of research to balance a respect for our heritage and rich history, whilst meeting the need to modernise and renovate our relevance.


Identity Element 1: The Crest

Crests tell stories. They are deeply symbolic and their component parts have meaning. Our outgoing crest was developed in the 60s to capture our story and history.

To bring our heritage into the forefront of our brand, we set about re-crafting our crest to tell its story more effectively.

Identity Element 2: The Colour Palette

undefinedOur brand values – authoritative, intelligent, open and optimistic, and catalyst – are the foundation of our new primary colour palette which comprises three colours:

  • Royal blue as the lead colour, reflecting our values of intelligence and authority, our collaborative aspiration and, in particular, our British heritage
  • Aqua as our disruptive colour; representing clarity and creativity
  • Silver as the final primary colour, symbolising quality and trust

Identity Element 3: The Wordmark

CIM LogoOur new brand strategy means a more collaborative and convening role for CIM. We looked at how other organisations approach these ideas of unity and took inspiration from other brands which hold this idea to create our new wordmark.

Despite our visual rebrand, we’ve not embarked on an identity change. Our rebrand is an outcome of a profound review of CIM’s vision, values and role, with a view to recasting the place we hold in marketers' hearts and minds.