We’ve recently been talking to a wide range of organisations, varying in size and sector, to understand the key challenges facing their marketing departments. We’ve found that a growth in technology has accelerated the speed of change in the marketplace, making it difficult to keep skills up-to-date.

If your business is experiencing any of the marketing challenges highlighted below, we can help. For each challenge, we offer a training solution that can be tailored to meet your specific requirements, helping to build your team’s capabilities and drive business growth.


Challenge: Demonstrating ROI

It can be difficult to prove the beneficial impact of marketing, leading to low confidence in its effectiveness and budget limitations. Learn how to develop a metric-orientated approach and show measurable outcomes for your marketing strategies and tactics.


Challenge: Lack of fundamental marketing knowledge

Marketers often have to learn ‘on the job’, impeding the benefit they can bring to an organisation. Give your team formal training with an introduction to the core marketing principles, planning skills and best practice.


Challenge: Understanding customer behaviour

The way customers interact with brands has changed and understanding these new behavioural patterns, is crucial to marketing success. This course will teach you how to engage, acquire and retain your customers.


Challenge: Keeping up-to-date with digital

Digital is an essential element of both marketing and organisational strategies, so teams must keep their digital skills up-to-date. Give your team access to digital marketing e-learning modules, with maximum impact on their capabilities and minimum impact on their workload.


Challenge: Changing role of product management

Product management’s role has evolved, with a move to solution-based approaches and new product lifecycle models. Get your team up to speed and give them the confidence to excel in their roles.


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