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Ad blockers can be banned

New rules proposed by the European Commission will allow media companies to ban customers who use ad blockers. Publishers, such as tech mag, Wired, and German tabloid, Bild, have decided to ban users who won’t allow advertising. So-called publishers’ “ad blocker blockers” operate in a grey area of the law, but now the EU has clarified the situation by stating that detection of an ad blocker does not break EU rules.

Financial Times 11 January 2017, p4

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Adtechs suffer funding decline

Funding for adtech companies (advertising technology start-ups) has reached its lowest point in five years, reflecting the position of the ad sector in a market increasingly dominated by the duopoly of Facebook and Google, which jointly accounted for 75% of new online ad spending last year. The adtech sector has expanded over the past five years but is now in decline.

Financial Times, 4 January 2017, p16

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Adspend growth rate to slow

According to forecasts from IPG Mediabrands’ Magna, global adspend growth next year will be at its slowest since the financial downturn. It predicts that adspend will grow by just 3.6%, which is well below the 4.4% forecast by Zenith and Group M for 2017.

Campaign, 9 December 2016, p3

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Favourite Christmas ads

John Lewis’s Buster the Boxer has become the favourite Christmas ad for this year with 52% of respondents liking it, according to Campaign’s Adwatch Likeability poll. Aldi’s ad, which features an animated carrot, is in second place with a likability score of 41%. Sainsbury’s, which was in second place last year, has fallen to fourth place with its The greatest gift ad.

Campaign, 2 December 2016, p2

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Christmas pudding prices rise

You can expect to pay more for your Christmas pudding this year but not your turkey dinner. The weaker pound following the Brexit vote has led to a 21% rise in the cost of Christmas pudding ingredients. In contrast, the wholesale cost of turkey dinners is just 1% higher this year.

Financial Times, 29 November 2016, p15

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Facebook stops race-based advertising

Facebook is to prevent advertisers from using an ad-targeting tool which allows them to exclude groups based on their race. It intends to create an automated system that can identify and disable discriminating advertising.

Campaign, 18 November 2016, p5

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