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Twitter – bots will distort marketing data

New research from two US universities suggests that around 15% of Twitter accounts (48m) are bots and not people. This is bad news for Twitter and disappointing for marketers who rely on engagement data. The report also points to the benefits of social media bots, but warns that brands will not be able to properly evaluate marketing performance., 14 March 2017

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Challenges and opportunities – new report

CIM’s new Challenges and Opportunities Facing Marketers in 2017 report was commissioned to discover the key challenges and opportunities for marketers this year and why they need to start a new dialogue with the wider organisation.

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Social media – untapped potential

Marketers have been using social media to discover what customers are saying about them. Now brands are using sophisticated techniques to exploit social media for market research purposes. They are moving beyond simply keeping an eye on what is being said about them to gaining social insight and using the data for other strategic purposes.

Marketing Week, March 2017, pp32-34

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Unilever sets up internal agency database

Unilever is creating an internal website called The Agency List, which will act as a catalogue of the agencies it uses. It will contain contact data, information about past work and feedback from Unilever marketers. The aim is to improve efficiency and to encourage the business to use preferred agencies.

Campaign, 24 February 2017, p6

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E-Privacy regulations

The European Commission has published draft e-Privacy regulations which will replace the current e-Privacy Directive. The existing law is being updated to cover instant messaging, web-based e-mail, metadata, cookies, direct marketing and online marketing. The aim is for the regulation to take effect from 25 May 2018, which is the same date as the GDPR comes into force. This article briefly outlines the scope of the regulations., 14 February 2017

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Valentine’s Day treats?

Worldpay predicts that £128m will be spent on Valentine’s Day this year in the UK, with florists’ business up by 295% and restaurants up by 42%. Marketing Week gives a brief roundup of what some brands are doing to make the most of the occasion., 14 February 2017

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