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E-Privacy regulations

The European Commission has published draft e-Privacy regulations which will replace the current e-Privacy Directive. The existing law is being updated to cover instant messaging, web-based e-mail, metadata, cookies, direct marketing and online marketing. The aim is for the regulation to take effect from 25 May 2018, which is the same date as the GDPR comes into force. This article briefly outlines the scope of the regulations., 14 February 2017

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Valentine’s Day treats?

Worldpay predicts that £128m will be spent on Valentine’s Day this year in the UK, with florists’ business up by 295% and restaurants up by 42%. Marketing Week gives a brief roundup of what some brands are doing to make the most of the occasion., 14 February 2017

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Regaining trust

Reviews are an important part of a consumer’s buying cycle but retailers are often first in the firing line. Research suggests that the top three customer service issues which can result in negative reviews are: being passed around different people or being put on hold; rude, defensive staff; and a lack of knowledge., 2 February 2017

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Bad ads

Last year Google removed 1.7 billion so-called “bad ads” which is more than double the number it removed in 2015. According to its Bad Ads report the increase was due to wider policies designed to protect users from misleading and harmful advertising. Google also improved its technology to be able to better identify bad ads.

Campaign, 27 January 2017, p3

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Alibaba joins top-tier Olympics sponsors

Alibaba is to sponsor the next six Olympic Games at a cost of at least $600m. The e-commerce giant joins the likes of McDonald’s, Coca-Cola and Visa in the “worldwide sponsorship programme” for the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Top tier sponsorship has traditionally been dominated by Western companies.

Financial Times, 20 January 2017, p19

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Ad blockers can be banned

New rules proposed by the European Commission will allow media companies to ban customers who use ad blockers. Publishers, such as tech mag, Wired, and German tabloid, Bild, have decided to ban users who won’t allow advertising. So-called publishers’ “ad blocker blockers” operate in a grey area of the law, but now the EU has clarified the situation by stating that detection of an ad blocker does not break EU rules.

Financial Times 11 January 2017, p4

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