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Our weekly digest of marketing-related news will keep you up to the mark on everything from FMCG to brand strategy, loyalty programmes to fashion marketing.

  • Marketers looking for new beginnings

    Technical skills are in high demand in marketing, especially in the areas of data analytics, CRM and user experience, according to a survey of over 700 marketing professionals by CIM and recruitment firm Hays. The survey reveals that 67% of firms are recruiting marketers this year, which is just as well since 60% of marketers say they are planning to change jobs!, 19 May 2021

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  • Campaigns to boost cinema and theatre

    Cinemas and theatres are finally reopening and they will be supported by two new campaigns. The “Remember Cinema” campaign, which runs from 17 May across a range of media; and an outdoor ad campaign, #BackOnStage, in partnership with The Society of London Theatre (SOLT) and Global, which will run on the London Underground to support the reopening of theatres., 17 May 2021 (Lepitak)

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  • Closing the skills gap – during and after Covid

    In a new McKinsey global survey on reskilling the urgency of addressing skills gaps is made clear. Most respondents believe that skill building (rather than hiring, contracting or redeploying) is the best way to close the gaps. The results also reveal a shift towards social and emotional skills, such as empathy, leadership and adaptability. Overall, the findings show that large-scale skill transformations are the most successful. The survey identifies nine practices that support a skill transformation., 30 April 2021 (Billing et al)

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  • Why are most start-ups doomed?

    Two-thirds of start-ups never achieve a positive return but why is this? Tom Eisenmann, a professor of entrepreneurship at Harvard, has concluded that failure is attributable either to the founding team or the business idea. He has identified six patterns to failing ventures, two of which are particularly common: “Bad bedfellows”, in which other parties play a part in the firm’s downfall; and “false starts”, where many firms overlook the importance of researching customer needs before testing products.

    Harvard Business Review, Vol 99(3), May-June 2021, pp76-85 (Eisenmann)

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  • The sustainability-marketing gap

    New research from the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), entitled 'Marketing and Sustainability: closing the gaps', reveals that just 10% of marketers claim to be well advanced in the “sustainability maturity journey” compared with 29% of the business as a whole. This is despite 88% of consumers saying that they expect brands to help improve the environment, and 95% of marketers believing the marketing function can make a difference to the sustainability journey., 23 April 2021

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  • The rise of the gaming grandparent

    Video gaming has become so popular among 55- to 64-year-olds that this is where the sector is seeing most growth (up by 32% since 2018), according to research by GWI which looked at 19,000 individuals across 15 countries. It also noted trends such as the fact that more gamers play to socialise with friends (26%) than to escape reality (22%)., 19 April 2021

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