Join CIM's data pledge

In today’s customer-led world, consumer data is a business critical issue. With new General Data Protection Regulation legislation coming into effect in May 2018, getting data right will also become a legal imperative – making it even more crucial for businesses to get their house in order.    

CIM wants to work together with business to improve standards and re-build customer trust, by asking you to make a pledge to uphold best practice when it comes to looking after customer data.

About Data Right

CIM’s Data Right campaign urges organisations to take action on the issue of responsible management of customer data.  We are asking organisations to make a pledge to do four things:

The pledge represents your commitment and will act as a sign to your customers that you're taking data management seriously.

The benefits of joining CIM’s Data Right campaign
  • 67% of consumers would actually share more personal information if organisations were more open about how they will use it. By demonstrating that your business is open, honest and championing best practice, you will show your customers the value-add of sharing their data in delivering a more personalised experience
  • CIM will offer additional resources on GDPR compliance in the coming months, such as sessions on data in our Summit in May, discounts on the Essential Guide to GDPR course taking place throughout the year; courses on marketing law and data as well as regional events
  • Be seen as a leader on this issue, generate positive sentiment and build on your customers trust by proving you are committed to getting their Data Right
How you can get involved

There are a number of ways your organisation can support the campaign, such as:

  • Showing your commitment by using the brand mark Data Right on your website, email signatures and other appropriate collateral
  • Collaborating on public relations opportunities such as providing a spokesperson for research-driven press releases about the strongest/weakest performing industries when it comes to consumer data, and partnership announcement releases and acting as a case study
  • Sharing tips on how to adopt a best-practice approach to managing customer data through internal communication channels
  • Posting social media content which demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to best-practice approaches to data

Register your interest

Your details will only be used to give you information about Data Right and CIM’s help with GDPR compliance and data best practice. You can opt out at any time by contacting us via

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