Email marketing is a cost-effective part of the digital marketing mix. It is also one of the most challenging digital platforms due to the issues of spam, changes in user interactions with email, mobile usage for email and the fast changing digital environment. Email marketing has been a core tool in digital marketing for many years, however, it is often not used to its full potential due to issues around design, user targeting and deliverability. This course offers a practical guide to getting the most from email campaigns using the latest techniques, tools and best practice.

Benefits to you:

Organisations and individuals will benefit from acquiring knowledge of industry best practice, using the latest email marketing tools and delivering highly effective reporting that increases open rates, click through rates and essentially the bottom line. The course will give to the tools to plan integrated email campaigns, devise creative and copy to increase open and click-through rates and to be able to use tests and tracking metrics to improve response. You will learn about selecting email marketing management systems and building email lists as well as review the latest on ethical and legal constraints.

Who should attend?

The course will suit anyone who has responsibility for delivering email marketing campaigns, either in-house or agency side. Marketers who are looking to improve the results of their email marketing by understanding the core principles to a building a successful campaign and more advanced techniques on how to take your email marketing to the next level and maximise return.

Learning outcomes

·        Understand the role of Email Marketing to deliver your strategic and communication goals

·        How to integrate your email campaigns with your other marketing activities

·        How to plan and execute effective email campaigns from initial concept to analysis

·        Understand the legal and best practice frameworks for email marketing (Opt-in/Opt Out rules and GDPR)

·        Email design, layout, copy and personalisation

·        Use A/B and multi-variance testing to improve your emails

·        How to build your database/email lists

·        Optimise and improve your landing pages

·        Segmentation and targeting for better response rates

·        Set KPI’s for email campaigns

·        Anaylse metrics to improve future campaigns

Course Dates

Start Date End Date Location
26 Feb 2019 26 Feb 2019 London
20 Mar 2019 20 Mar 2019 London
25 Jun 2019 25 Jun 2019 London
13 Aug 2019 13 Aug 2019 London
26 Sep 2019 26 Sep 2019 London
22 Oct 2019 22 Oct 2019 London
27 Nov 2019 27 Nov 2019 London
10 Dec 2019 10 Dec 2019 London

Course Director

Abigail Dixon

Abigail has over 18 years experience in brand management, strategic planning, communication plans, campaign activation and agency management, as well as training and capability. She has worked on many Household brands across multiple markets and sectors both client’s side and consultancy capacity creating and delivering brand growth through strategy, communications and NPD. Her approach is to empower you to deliver your strategic and communications plans through the appropriate communication platforms and ensure you deliver a strong return on investment. Email marketing is one of many communication platforms that we can leverage and she has recently built and implemented a capability program to roll out new digital platforms, including email to over 1500 marketers globally.


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