This is an introductory and practical course to introduce the basic elements of marketing planning in your organisation to ensure your early contribution to marketing activity. Explore the main concepts, tools and language used in marketing and most importantly how these should be used to identify market opportunities for business development. Crucially, the content will address a practical approach to marketing and marketing planning and how to write a marketing plan and marketing communications plan for your own organisation and other practical advice.

Who should attend?

This course will interest relative newcomers to marketing, whether they are new to business or migrating from another role. It will prove valuable to those working with marketing teams and wishing to develop a greater understanding of their activities, especially the creation of a marketing plan.

Learning outcomes

  • Define and assess the role of marketing activity in your organisation.
  • Develop a customer focus for your organisation.
  • Use a series of templates to produce a marketing audit.
  • Use a template marketing plan to consider future direction for your organisation.
  • Use a template marketing communications plan to integrate traditional and  digital communications to deliver effective responses to campaigns.
  • To appreciate what your organisation's brand means to customers.
  • Understand a range of strategic marketing strategies available to your organisation and how to deliver them, using various channel options.
  • Overall to be more confident when contributing to or making marketing decisions.

Course Dates

Start Date End Date Location
17 Dec 2018 19 Dec 2018 London

Course Director

Richard Mayer

Richard Mayer has been actively involved in marketing training and education over the last 20 years working for a range of clients both in the UK and internationally. His main interest lies in improving professional marketing standards for individuals, marketing teams and organisations with a particular focus on brand management, marketing planning and execution, marketing organisation and marketing communication.


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