The biggest economic challenge for organisations in the Middle East, is to innovate new products and find new markets that will make their nations less dependent on the declining oil industry. The shift towards local development of new products has already started and is poised to increase, but it will only succeed if the right new product choices are made, and if they are marketed correctly.

Already we see new initiatives across the region, with Saudi Vision 2030, NEOM Tech Business Zone and increased government investment into the local economy. Initiatives by the UAE include the space probe which should have many economic spin-offs and lead to greater innovation in the Middle East. We see the Qatar National Vision 2030 strategy designed to "transform Qatar into an advanced society capable of achieving sustainable development".

The success of these initiatives, and others, will depend on innovating new products and marketing them correctly, both in the Middle East and other markets globally. This will require a new market-focused mind-set, new skills, new processes and new ways to identify and capture market opportunities. Even executives with many years of experience in the oil industry will have to adapt. The course will be delivered in two parts:

Part 1: Select Products to Innovate and Build a Business Case

  • Adopt a market mind-set to select the right products to develop
  • Create a credible business-case to win support for a new product  

Part 2: Create a Marketing Strategy and Marketing Plan 

  • Create a ‘Go to Market Strategy’ for a new product 
  • Construct a product marketing plan  

The course will be run on the following dates in 2021:

Part One: Monday 12 July and Tuesday 13 July
Part Two: Tuesday 20 July and Wednesday 21 July


Part One: Tuesday 19 October and Wednesday 20 October
Part Two: Wednesday 27 October and Thursday 28 October

Timings: 10am (Gulf Standard Time) 6am (UK time) to 5pm (Gulf Standard Time) 1pm UK

Who should attend?

This course is for anyone who is involved in developing new products in the Middle East. It includes senior managers who have to make decisions on which new products to invest in, product managers, product development directors, R&D and technical teams, new-product project managers, marketing and sales team members.

It is also highly valuable for entrepreneurs in the Middle East who wish to develop new products and win funding and for investors who have to assess an entrepreneur’s business-case.

Learning outcomes

Part 1

  • Assessment of innovation in the Middle East
  • Apply a market mind-set to make technical innovation succeed commercially
  • Understand the market factors that determine the success of a new product
  • Develop incisive market-based questions to select the right products
  • Challenge the development process to select the right product to innovate
  • Identify what an organisation will need, for the product to succeed in the market
  • Assess the impact of a new product on the current product portfolio
  • Create a credible business-case for a new product and win support for it

Part 2

  • Assessment of the challenges in marketing new products in the Middle East
  • Design the product marketing objectives and the 'Go to Market' strategy
  • Specify target groups and positioning for the new product
  • Construct a ‘Product Marketing Plan’ and a new product marketing mix
  • Define the new product, its value proposition and its role in the portfolio
  • Design the pricing strategy for the new product and defend the profit margin
  • Specify the right marketing communications messages and tools
  • Implement and control the new product marketing plan to deliver ROI

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
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Course Director

Cole Hanrahan

Cole has extensive experience in helping organisations, across a range of industries, to develop new products and bring them to market. He has delivered courses in Abu Dhabi, Riyadh, Doha and Dubai, for organisations that include Thuraya, Takamol, Sabic, BP and Qatar Development Bank. His courses address the challenges for Middle Eastern organisations in making the right innovation choices, selecting new products to develop, justifying their choices and marketing the products they decide to launch. Cole brings a wealth of knowledge and experience acquired in helping major global companies to succeed. He has delivered his courses in 27 different countries. He uses that knowledge to help delegates in the Middle East to innovate products that can be marketed successfully on a global scale.


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