Businesses have a significant role to play when it comes to shaping a better world for society, the environment and responsible, sustainable business. A key component to lasting success is ensuring that sustainability is embedded within business strategy – part of planning, budgeting, resourcing and day to day operations. The CIM Sustainable Transformation 4-day Programme provides a roadmap for how businesses can rethink what ‘success’ means, and practically build a meaningful, innovative and responsible organisation. We’ll explore examples from companies from all over the world who are successfully driving sustainability. We’ll also hear from a range of experts who are setting the agenda for sustainable transformation within organisations.

This programme provides an opportunity to consider the fundamental aspects of business transformation through a sustainable and responsible lens. It will equip you to take the lead in developing transformational sustainable and responsible business and marketing strategies for your organisation. Additionally, the programme will introduce you to key aspects of climate science and carbon literacy and provide a unique opportunity to gain Carbon Literacy Certification from The Carbon Literacy Trust.

The programme consists of eight modules delivered in two parts. Each part is two days in duration:

Part 1: 15-16 February 2022

  • Introduction to the sustainable business landscape
  • Sustainability and leadership 
  • Develop an authentic sustainable business narrative
  • The role stakeholders play in driving sustainability  

Part 2: 1-2 March 2022

  • Sustainable reporting to steer action and align communications
  • Supply chain management to optimise sustainability
  • How sustainability is driving innovation 
  • Integration of sustainability into comms strategy

Carbon Literacy will cover: climate crisis / climate science / climate injustice / climate solutions / personal footprints / organisational footprint / co-benefits of climate action / carbon costs of everyday life / circular economy / bio-diversity / carbon labelling.

The new CIM Sustainable Transformation Programme is being launched at the introductory price of £2,250 (non-members).

Who should attend?

This programme is designed for business professionals, marketers at all levels of seniority, business owners, brand managers, product managers, CEOs and individuals concerned with leading the way businesses respond to sustainability challenges and are keen to drive and effect real change.

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the current sustainability landscape, climate science, collective targets and goals and what this means for businesses and marketing (locally and globally)
  • Explore the role of purpose and values, what it means to drive purpose with profits and how to enable a sustainable lens to support strategic direction and decision making
  • Better understand the role leadership plays in steering sustainable business and why it makes sense, commercially and practically to have senior leadership driving the sustainability agenda
  • Understand the critical role of partnerships and collaboration in driving opportunities, innovations and co-created sustainable solutions
  • Explore sustainable models, such as the Circular Economy and regenerative business models which help redefine the way businesses operate
  • Understand the role of sustainable reporting and how sustainable reporting informs decision making and progression
  • Explore the stakeholder chain, the critical role they play and how to engage and align your sustainability strategy and tactics with customers, employees, partners and investors
  • How to navigate supply chain management, locally and globally, to optimise sustainability and overcome key challenges
  • The critical role of authentic narrative in sustainability across brand, product, packaging and education to engage audiences and change behaviours
  • Exploring sustainable innovations and how innovation is helping organisations become more progressive and sustainable

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
20 Jul 2022 4d Virtual
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02 Nov 2022 4d Virtual
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Course Directors

This course may be run by any of the following Course Directors:-

Michelle Carvill

Gihan A. M Hyde (Guest Speaker)


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