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Leadership Skills for New Managers

The definitive course for new leaders – now in its 12th year

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Many new managers suffer stress and disillusionment in the first few months in their appointment due to lack of skills. The course will remove this concern and provide your organisation with new leaders who understand how to direct their teams and build group synergy.

This course will develop the skills and confidence you need to work effectively with your team and deal with difficult situations.

Benefits to you and your company

You will meet and communicate with other first-time leaders and leave with extra confidence to assert yourself in a leadership role. You will learn how to improve team performance by motivating individuals and building a team that provides a sense of purpose and achievement for all its members.

Organisations will benefit by having leaders who understand how to direct their teams and build group synergy.

Who should attend?

Anyone who is leading or aspires to lead a team in the modern business environment.

Learning outcomes

  • How to make an effective transition between team member and team leader.
  • The three critical factors of leadership success.
  • Understand and implement leadership styles.
  • Manage people and resources effectively.
  • Put motivation theories into practice.
  • Make leadership decisions.
  • Set and monitor targets and reporting standards.
  • Use key communication techniques.
  • Understand and outline the behaviour of success.
  • Identify the three critical actions of leadership.
  • Recruit new team members.
  • Understand the process of management.
  • Understand what makes an effective team.
  • Control the ‘satisfiers’ and ‘dissatisfiers’ that control work output.

Course content

  • Effective leaders.
  • Recruitment.
  • Managing people and resources.
  • Case study: The management style of Sir Ernest Shackleton – Antarctic explorer.
  • Leadership in action.
  • Motivating your team.
  • Delegating important tasks.
  • Managing meetings.

    Delivery style

    A totally interactive experience that is relaxed, but engaging, this course is designed to elicit opinions and contributions from all attending. The course format includes a case study exercise, a training video and group exercise.


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    Course director

    Ron Mundy’s leadership experience includes: 12 years military service as a junior leader, twenty years of exceptional business success in both corporate and SME environments. Using this knowledge, Ron relates many personal experiences together with numerous leadership ideas. His charisma and command of his craft captivates audiences as he delivers speeches and courses.

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