Chartered Marketer

Chartered Marketer status recognises those marketers achieving the highest level in our profession. It demonstrates commitment to keeping up to date and is awarded on a combination of experience and qualifications. In 1998, The Queen's Privy Council granted us the authority to award Chartered Marketer status – the mark of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.

Qualifying for Chartered Marketer status

To become a Chartered Marketer you must:

  • Complete 35 hours of CPD activity annually (1 July - 30 June) for a minimum of two consecutive years
  • You must be at either Member (MCIM) or Fellow (FCIM) grade
  • Record and submit your activities on your CPD record card for the relevant period each year

Once you have met this criteria, you will be awarded Chartered Marketer status at the end of the second consecutive CPD year.

As a qualified Chartered Marketer, you will be:

  • Added to the Chartered Marketer Directory unless you request otherwise
  • Issued with a Chartered Marketer certificate to recognise your achievement
  • Granted use of the Chartered Marketer logo for your personal stationery and website
  • Able to use the designation after your name

To obtain a copy of the logo, please contact our Customer Experience team.

If you are a member but not currently MCIM or FCIM grade, you may be eligible to upgrade. To check eligibility criteria, see Types of membership or contact our Customer Experience team for more information.

Upgrading your membership
Maintaining your Chartered Marketer status

Each year we run an audit of our Chartered Marketers and request that 10% provide a CPD submission with evidence. It’s important therefore to continue to manage and record your development to reach the annual requirement of 35 hours.

If you are not selected in the audit then you are not required to submit your CPD.