Keep Social Honest

Digital Marketing Benchmark

The 2014 Digital Marketing Benchmark is a quantitative-only research study with two separate areas of focus.

Part One Digital Marketing Benchmark – Keep Social Honest

This is an integrated study, looking at how consumers and marketers both use and navigate social media, as well as their understanding of brand behaviour online, in order to understand how best to keep social honest.

  • Awareness: the information people think they're giving away online.
  • Attitudes: how people react to the presence of brands on social media – what’s acceptable, what’s useful and what’s not.
  • Standards, policies, compliance: views on regulation/self-regulation now and in the future.
  • Trust and confidence: marketers' and consumers' place on different social media platforms.
  • Expectations: what standards and guidelines marketers and consumers feel should be met to enable them to feel safe, protected and respected on social media.

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Part Two Digital Marketing Benchmark – Content Marketing

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 Key dates



  • Survey live – 2 May 2014.
  • Results launched at our Digital Summit Event - 6 June 2014.