Unlock the value of creative

As organisations start to focus on growth and an upturn mind-set, marketers across all sectors are faced with the challenge of driving performance, whilst working smarter to achieve more effective communications with less.

So how can organisations get more value from their investments in creative, brand and marketing assets? How can they improve campaign management processes? And how can they better identify, capture and share good practice across the organisation? We joined forces with Canon Europe to respond to these three questions and ultimately explore how industry leaders can unlock the value of their creative marketing processes.

In order to tackle this accountability issue in a meaningful way, the Marketing Transformation Leadership forum held a Question Time style panel debate, attended by some 50 senior marketing practitioners. They examined issues such as, Does business value the role and commercial impact of marketing and marketers? What should we measure and how should we measure it? And what practical steps could be taken towards the improvement of measurement, credibility and accountability?

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