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Marketing 2025

What is Marketing 2025?

Marketing 2025 is an industry-wide conversation about the future of marketing, which offers you the chance to be rewarded for simply joining in. By sharing your ideas with some of the biggest names in business via our ideation platform, you can help shape the profession as a whole and develop your career – simultaneously.

What’s in it for you?

Transformational thinking is more important than ever as the future of our profession unfolds.

If you share a leading idea, we'll thank you by offering:
• 1-on-1 development time with one of our six host influencers.
• Free CIM training packages.
• Recognition as co-author of future training modules.
• Free access to all CIM research materials.
• Accreditation as a 'Futures Board' member.
• Media exposure in a major industry title.

How you can get involved?