Leadership Skills for New Managers

Leadership Skills for New Managers

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This dynamic course has been designed to develop the skills of those who are newly appointed, or about to be appointed, into team leadership or managers positions. The course will show delegates how to assert themselves as team leaders and quickly gain the respect of their team. It will then provide a structure that will guide the new leader to success in their initial management role.

Who should attend

Management positions that will benefit from this workshop include: acting supervisor, line manager, team leader or junior manager. The size of the team that report into the role can be between one and fifty. Senior managers who have attended this course have taken great benefit from the event.

Learning outcomes

  • Being an effective leader.
  • Recruitment.
  • Managing people and resources.
  • Leadership in action.
  • Motivating your team.
  • Delegating important tasks.
  • Managing meetings.

Course Director

Ron Mundy’s leadership experience includes: 12 years' Military Service as a junior leader, 20 years' of exceptional business success in both corporate and SME environments. Using this knowledge Ron relates many personal experiences, together with numerous leadership ideas. His charisma and command of his craft captivates audiences as he delivers speeches and courses.

Dates and locations

  • Placement

    Start date
    End date
  • Start date 19-09-2016
    End date 19-09-2016
    Location London
  • Start date 13-10-2016
    End date 13-10-2016
    Location London
  • Start date 19-12-2016
    End date 19-12-2016
    Location London