Your personal and professional experience as a marketer could help others enhance their career development; and allow you to broaden your own skillset simultaneously.

As a powerful development and empowerment tool, our mentoring network gives you the chance to utilise your industry knowledge to benefit the career of fellow marketers; the opportunity to build relationships based on mutual trust and respect; and the satisfaction of helping others to overcome their professional challenges.

We’re recruiting mentees and mentors for the programme!

Why not become one of our talented mentors within the mentoring programme, you will have the opportunity to help others achieve their career goals based on your personal experiences.

Alternatively, you might like to be mentored to identify your strengths and weaknesses, working with your mentor to help develop your capabilities and learn new skills

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To become a CIM mentor you will be required to hold:

Chartered Marketer status; or
MCIM/FCIM graded membership on the CPD programme; or
We understand that our members may hold either the Affiliate or ACIM grade of membership, with a wealth of experience therefore please contact us as we would like to assist you further to become one of our mentors.

You will be able to use the mentoring programme towards your annual requirement of CPD.

For more information: 
Call +44 (0)1628 427120