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Here are a few of our courses

Designing and Implementing a Market Research Project

Level: Introductory

Code: 0663

Follow 10 steps to plan and execute a market research project - a structured and practical guide

Driving Customer Insight from Research

Level: Advanced

Code: 0427

Understand the real drivers behind customers behaviour

Introduction to Behavioural Economics

Level: Introductory

Code: 0432

How to gain a new understanding of human behaviour and how to change it

Using Insights to Drive Strategy

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0060

Optimise your insights in order to add real value and drive your growth strategy

Thinking and Creativity Skills

Level: Introductory

Code: 1125

Marketing’s biggest asset is the human imagination - brainpower plus creativity equals success

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Introductory courses...

provide a basic grounding for people who are new to, or have limited knowledge of the subject area. They are designed to build practical skills to enable delegates to deliver effectively in the area.

Advanced courses...

are aimed at practitioners and managers with operational experience who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in a specific area. They assume some basic knowledge of the topic.

Masterclass courses...

are designed for those with high levels of marketing responsibility, experience or knowledge. Delivered by recognised experts, they offer a unique opportunity to focus on the practical challenges and solutions generated by a subject.