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Here are a few of our courses

Advanced Copywriting Skills

Level: Advanced

Code: 0880

Think about your copywriting in a more conceptual way and dramatise ideas for your audience

Integrating Digital Media and Branding Award

Level: Advanced

Code: 0742

Gain an understanding of the fragmented nature of media management - a specialist digital award by The Chartered Institute of Marketing

Advanced E-mail Marketing

Level: Advanced

Code: 0749

Taking e-mail marketing to the next level

Internal Communications

Level: Introductory

Code: 0647

How to maximise your organisation’s performance by setting up an effective internal communications system

Advanced Google Analytics

Level: Advanced

Code: 0262

How to get more powerful reporting from Google Analytics and Universal Analytics for advanced users

Introduction to Behavioural Economics

Level: Introductory

Code: 0432

How to gain a new understanding of human behaviour and how to change it

Advanced Selling Techniques

Level: Advanced

Code: 0965

Develop techniques to win more sales and build long term profitable partnerships with your customers

Introduction to Branding

Level: Introductory

Code: 0654

How to write a great brand plan

Advanced Social Media - A Practical Guide

Level: Advanced

Code: 0286

How to boost social media audiences and engagement via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & LinkedIn

Introduction to Digital Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0764

A ‘digital marketing 101' – everything you need to know to be a successful digital marketer

Affiliate Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 1229

How to maximise online sales from your company’s affiliate programme in one day

Introduction to Finance

Level: Introductory

Code: 0502

Understanding finance – a challenging topic made simple

Agency Briefing and Management

Level: Advanced

Code: 1213

Get the maximum from agency partners and the creative process

Introduction to Marketing Communications

Level: Introductory

Code: 0555

A solid grounding in the themes and ideas that underpin successful marcoms

An Overview to Marketing Planning

Level: Introductory

Code: 0751

Use logical planning to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your business

Introduction to Marketing Metrics and ROI

Level: Introductory

Code: 0596

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it – it’s as simple as that!

An Overview to Strategic Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0653

How to match your company’s resources and skills to the opportunities developing around you

Introduction to New Product Development

Level: Introductory

Code: 0631

A clear NPD process that leads to effective innovation and market success

Assert Yourself

Level: Introductory

Code: 0976

Assertiveness is ability to say what you want, need or feel without guilt

Introduction to Public Relations

Level: Introductory

Code: 0650

A comprehensive insight into the key elements of PR

Brand Identity

Level: Introductory

Code: 0271

Differentiate your brand and communicate a compelling brand idea through its identity

Key Account Management

Level: Advanced

Code: 0180

Maximise your key customers' potential through a strategic, relationship-based account management process

Brand Masterclass

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0069

Strategic brand management

Leadership Skills for New Managers

Level: Introductory

Code: 1406

The definitive course for new leaders – now in its 13th year

Brand Metrics

Level: Introductory

Code: 0646

Making the intangible tangible

Making Innovation Happen

Level: Advanced

Code: 0207

How to make innovation happen using tools, techniques and processes applied by leading innovators

Brand Touchpoints

Level: Introductory

Code: 0272

Enhance and innovate your brand experience by evaluating the impact of every touchpoint

Managing Digital Marketing

Level: Advanced

Code: 0649

Create a roadmap to develop your digital marketing strategy and capability

Building the Employer Brand

Level: Introductory

Code: 1155

How to transform your organisation into the employer of choice

Managing Marketing Communications

Level: Advanced

Code: 0020

Marketing communications are more cost-effective if they are integrated and properly managed

Business Analysis for Marketing Managers

Level: Introductory

Code: 1304

How to make your marketing more effective and credible by quantifying and prioritising the components of your plan

Managing Projects and People

Level: Advanced

Code: 0602

Gain the skills and confidence to manage people and projects to expectations

Business Maths for Marketers

Level: Introductory

Code: 1153

How to apply basic financial, mathematical and statistical techniques to help you quantify marketing performance

Managing Social Reputation

Level: Introductory

Code: 3408

How to improve the effectiveness and integrity of your organisation’s digital and social presence

Business Negotiation Skills

Level: Introductory

Code: 0876

Giving you the tools to build a better value position through artful negotiation

Managing the Sales Team

Level: Advanced

Code: 0168

Gain the skills that drive success

Compelling Channel Management

Level: Advanced

Code: 0075

Build exciting channel strategies for your business and identify, develop and motivate the right partners

Market and Sales Forecasting

Level: Introductory

Code: 1218

Get ahead of the curve and give yourself a core competency

Content Marketing Planning

Level: Introductory

Code: 0263

How to define the role for content marketing in your organisation and develop an initial content marketing approach

Marketing Alliances and Partnerships

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0282

Drive new revenues and profitability for your business by creating compelling alliances and partnerships

Copywriting Masterclass

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0074

How to write brilliantly effective copy, every day

Marketing Bootcamp

Level: Introductory

Code: 0900

Learn key marketing skills at our intensive marketing workout

CRM 2.0 - Successful CRM in a Connected World

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0600

Engage customers in an increasingly social and technologically-oriented marketing environment

Marketing Communications Masterclass

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0061

A masterclass in creating and managing great marketing communications that deliver results

Designing and Implementing a Market Research Project

Level: Introductory

Code: 0663

Follow 10 steps to plan and execute a market research project - a structured and practical guide

Marketing Metrics: Measuring Marketing Performance

Level: Advanced

Code: 0517

A more professional, accountable and scientific approach to your marketing

Developing Compelling Customer Value Propositions

Level: Advanced

Code: 0190

Build significant demand for your products and services by creating ‘compelling value propositions'

Marketing Strategy in Practice

Level: Advanced

Code: 0130

How to build an inspirational strategic and tactical marketing plan

Developing Winning Bids and Proposals

Level: Introductory

Code: 0968

How to win business through systematic planning and effective writing and presentation techniques

Marketing the Brand

Level: Advanced

Code: 0273

Best practice brand management; the secrets of great brand management from the world’s leading brands

Digital Compliancy and Social Media Policy

Level: Introductory

Code: 0951

Managing your brand's communications online

Mobile Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 1315

Get the best from this increasingly relevant and powerful medium

Digital Marketing

Level: Advanced

Code: 0066

A complete guide to digital marketing best practice, techniques and tools

Mobile Marketing in Practice Award

Level: Advanced

Code: 0257

A specialist mobile marketing award that focuses on the principles of mobile marketing - awarded by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0189

Advanced digital marketing strategy and tactical implementation

Multichannel Digital Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0744

Giving multi-channel customers a consistent, value-added experience whenever and wherever they expect it

Digital Marketing Planning Award

Level: Advanced

Code: 0933

A specialist mobile marketing award that focuses on digital marketing planning - awarded by The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Must Know Law for Marketers

Level: Advanced

Code: 1152

Protecting brands and reputation in a complex legal and regulatory world

Driving Customer Insight from Research

Level: Advanced

Code: 0427

Understand the real drivers behind customers behaviour

Organising Virtual and Hybrid Events

Level: Introductory

Code: 0278

How to take your events digital and reach new audiences


Level: Advanced

Code: 0294

How to develop an eCRM programme that generates leads and customers for your business

Powerful Telesales Techniques

Level: Introductory

Code: 0810

Develop the techniques, skills and disciplines for successful outbound calling success

Effective Marketing Through Events

Level: Advanced

Code: 0040

A strategic approach to planning and executing all aspects of events

Pricing for Product Managers

Level: Advanced

Code: 0423

A powerful and practical pricing toolkit for the experienced product manager

Effective Proofreading

Level: Introductory

Code: 0662

Make sure that the copy produced by your organisation is accurate and readable

Principles of Great Copywriting

Level: Introductory

Code: 1201

A highly interactive course, designed to build confidence in writing for marketing communications

E-mail Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0766

Best practice for a core digital channel

Product Management B2B

Level: Advanced

Code: 0425

In the B2B environment, product management theory is not enough - practical application is essential

Essential Marketing Data

Level: Introductory

Code: 0981

Delivering successful and compliant direct marketing campaigns

Profitable Product Management

Level: Advanced

Code: 0204

A career development programme for product managers combining marketing, financial and people skills

Essentials for Successful Exhibitions

Level: Introductory

Code: 0504

How to make the most of the world of exhibitions

Psychology of Persuasive Marketing Communications

Level: Advanced

Code: 3406

How to develop persuasive, effective marketing messages that increase conversions and boost sales

Essentials of Category Management

Level: Introductory

Code: 1149

Work through the process arming yourself with the tools that lead to category success

Sales Bootcamp

Level: Introductory

Code: 0081

Accelerate your latent sales ability from 0 to 60 in three days

Foundations of Relationship Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0062

How to build relationships with customers and increase their value to your organisation.

Search Engine Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 1157

How to plan and manage effective SEO and PPC in Google and Bing

Fundamentals of Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0550

Delivering value through marketing to drive business success

SEM - Advanced PPC Advertising

Level: Advanced

Code: 0419

Learn how to get more from your existing or new PPC campaigns in just one day

Fundamentals of Marketing B2B

Level: Introductory

Code: 0956

Improving company competitiveness and performance in the B2B marketplace

SEM - Advanced SEO Training

Level: Advanced

Code: 0748

Plan and execute an advanced SEO program with real returns on investment

Fundamentals of Marketing for NFP and Public Sector

Level: Introductory

Code: 0781

Marketing's application in the public and not for profit sectors

Social and Digital Metrics and Analytics

Level: Introductory

Code: 0659

The art and science of listening, learning and leveraging digital and social media insight

Fundamentals of Pricing

Level: Introductory

Code: 1319

Develop an effective approach to pricing

Social Media for Sales

Level: Introductory

Code: 0276

Finding, growing and closing the people that matter for your sales

Fundamentals of Product Management

Level: Introductory

Code: 0577

Introducing the tools, skills and processes you need to maximise your performance as a product manager

Social Media Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0651

Understand how to set up a social media marketing programme

Fundamentals of Project Management

Level: Introductory

Code: 0759

Gain the confidence and skills required to implement the essential stages of project management

Social Media Marketing B2B

Level: Introductory

Code: 0747

Maximise your social media potential to deliver engaging business to business relationships with impact

Fundamentals of Selling

Level: Introductory

Code: 0809

How to make more sales, hit targets and sell like a professional

Sponsorship Essentials

Level: Introductory

Code: 0512

Buying, selling, and measuring it with confidence

Global Branding

Level: Advanced

Code: 3407

How to grow a brand across international and cultural boundaries

Strategic Marketing Masterclass

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0174

Delivering organisational success by putting the customer at the heart of planning

Google Analytics

Level: Introductory

Code: 0453

Google Analytics made simple

The Power of Storytelling

Level: Introductory

Code: 0296

How to think, speak and present information in stories not catalogues

How to Develop Key Accounts

Level: Introductory

Code: 0826

Essential strategies for winning, defending and growing key account business

The Practical Guide to Marketing

Level: Introductory

Code: 0019

The all-inclusive 'how to guide' to marketing communications and planning

How to Write for the Web

Level: Introductory

Code: 0881

Getting noticed by search engines and your audience

Thinking and Creativity Skills

Level: Introductory

Code: 1125

Marketing’s biggest asset is the human imagination - brainpower plus creativity equals success

How to Write Successful Newsletters and Press Releases

Level: Introductory

Code: 1205

Create compelling press releases and newsletters that produce goodwill and motivate readers to take action

Transform Your Website and User Experience

Level: Introductory

Code: 0884

How to boost your website or app’s return-on-investment using best practice UX (User Experience)

How to Write the Perfect Brochure and Leaflet

Level: Introductory

Code: 1200

The A-Z of writing brochures and leaflets - packed with useful information

Using Insights to Drive Strategy

Level: Masterclass

Code: 0060

Optimise your insights in order to add real value and drive your growth strategy

Implementing a CRM Communications Programme

Level: Advanced

Code: 0434

Learn how to build a CRM strategy and implement an effective communications programme

Web Analytics and Social Media Monitoring Award

Level: Advanced

Code: 0717

Improve the effectiveness of your online activity through the monitoring and measurement of web and social activity - awarded by The CIM

Implementing Social Media Campaigns

Level: Advanced

Code: 0745

Build and implement a social media strategy using a combination of social channels

Writing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Level: Advanced

Code: 1233

Creating successful integrated marketing communications campaigns, by properly planning for them

Implementing Strategy

Level: Advanced

Code: 1150

How to effectively implement an organisation’s strategy to deliver successful outcomes

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provide a basic grounding for people who are new to, or have limited knowledge of the subject area. They are designed to build practical skills to enable delegates to deliver effectively in the area.

Advanced courses...

are aimed at practitioners and managers with operational experience who wish to deepen their knowledge and skills in a specific area. They assume some basic knowledge of the topic.

Masterclass courses...

are designed for those with high levels of marketing responsibility, experience or knowledge. Delivered by recognised experts, they offer a unique opportunity to focus on the practical challenges and solutions generated by a subject.