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Introduction to Branding

How to write a great brand plan

Introduction to Digital Marketing

'A digital marketing 101' - Everything you need to become a successful digital marketer.

Advanced SEO Training

Plan and execute an advanced SEO program with real returns on investment.

Fundamentals of Selling

How to make more sales, hit targets and sell like a professional

Effective Proofreading

Make sure that the copy produced by your organisation is accurate and readable

Social Media Marketing

Understand how to set up a social media marketing programme

Implementing Social Media Campaigns

Build and implement a social media strategy using a combination of social channels

Social Media Marketing B2B

Maximise your social media potential to deliver engaging business to business relationships with impact

Multichannel Digital Marketing

Giving multi-channel customers a consistent, value-added experience whenever and wherever they expect it

The Power of Storytelling

How to think, speak and present information in stories not catalogues.

SEM - Advanced PPC Advertising

Learn how to get more from your existing or new PPC campaigns in just one day.

Driving Customer Insight from Research

Understand the real drivers behind customers behaviour.

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