Please note that membership prices will increase on 01 July 2017

What does it cost?

Your study centre will be able to provide you with the cost of tuition.

Other costs (payable to CIM):

Annual registration fee - £50.00
Assessment fees - £280.00 per module

Figures based on successful completion at first attempt; this price does not include the fee for any resits required.


Do I qualify?

The CIM marketing leadership programme has been designed for senior marketers (UK only) who meet a combination of the following criteria:

CIM Marketing Leadership Programme

Do you want to become a leader of change?

If you are an experienced marketer working at a strategic or management level and want to take your career to the next level, the new CIM Marketing Leadership Programme could be the right choice for you.

This programme has been developed to respond to both industry and individual needs within the marketing profession. Extensive global, employer-led research has been undertaken across a range of sectors and organisational sizes, to identify the skills and competencies required to fully develop a marketing professional into an advocate for leading change.

It will enable you to become integral in identifying the key influences – both external and internal – that are likely to become future drivers of an organisation. Draw on insight, apply strategic thinking and match them with organisational resources to support and deliver on business goals.


I was privileged to be part of the team that developed the new CIM Marketing Leadership Programme. This programme represents a step-change in providing senior marketers with the knowledge, skills and confidence they'll need to thrive - not only in relation to modern marketing challenges such as personalisation, digital and data - but also around building the fundamental business and strategic skills which marketers need to prosper in forward thinking, customer orientated organisations across all sectors.

Owen Tebbutt, Head of Marketing, IBM Global Business Services, UK & Ireland

Programme structure

Each module can be achieved as a distinct, self-contained award which can be built up to attain the full qualification. The modules can be approached in any order.

Mandatory modules

Contemporary Challenges

Part 1: Dynamic marketing environment

  • Critically analyse the changing dynamics of an organisation’s environment
  • Determine key business drivers for organisational success

Part 2: Develop creative thinking

  • Evaluate the relevance of emerging marketing challenges to the organisation’s future direction
  • Critically assess the contribution of the challenges to the value creation of an organisation 

Part 3: Create insight, vision and direction

  • Demonstrate a clear understanding of how the organisation can develop a positive response to emerging challenges
  • Recommend resource-led innovative approaches to contemporary marketing challenges

Leading Change

Part 1: Building the case for change

  • Develop critical understanding of how to harness organisational potential to generate and sustain value for all stakeholders
  • Use insight to develop sustainable innovation relevant to the direction and resources of the organisation 

Part 2: Creating a change culture

  • Appraise the role of brand equity and corporate reputation in directing and sustaining change within the organisation
  • Demonstrate how a customer-facing organisational structure and culture can support strategies to optimise corporate capability

Part 3: Implementing change

  • Recommend the use of contemporary practice in effectively leading, managing and influencing others to deliver organisational change
  • Appraise the process and environment required to implement, review and reflect on the effectiveness of organisational change

Elective modules


Part 1: Building and developing client relationships

  • Critically assess the components of a sustainable and clearly defined consultancy proposition
  • Develop the personal brand

Part 2: Scoping the potential service

  • Critically assess the contributing factors to a client’s business issue
  • Evaluate how to facilitate change within the client’s organisation, in response to the client’s business issue

Part 3: Delivering the client outcome

  • Critically appraise how to develop and implement the agreed solution
  • Design and implement systems, processes and procedures to embed the agreed solution

Managing Business Growth

Part 1: Dynamics for business growth

  • Critically appraise the market dynamics and business drivers relevant to the organisation and the industry sector
  • Understand the customer dynamics relevant to the organisation and the industry sector 

Part 2: Determining direction

  • Recommend how organisational competence can be developed to deliver future objectives
  • Critically evaluate how organisational characteristics influence the market positioning of the organisation’s products/services

Part 3: Building relationships

  • Critically assess which connected stakeholders are fundamental to the future success of the organisation
  • Demonstrate how to utilise strategic partnerships to leverage organisational success

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