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  • Where can I study a qualification?

    CIM qualifications are delivered through our international network of Accredited Study Centres. To get started you’ll need to head over to our Study Centre Finder tool, to find your preferred centre.

    Can I study a qualification alongside working?

    Our qualifications are designed to fit around your busy lifestyle. Prior to starting your studies, you’ll have the choice of selecting a study method that best suits you. We would recommend contacting your chosen Study Centre, to discuss the study methods they have available.

    Can I complete just one module?

    Each module can be achieved as an individual award. This allows for a flexible learning experience whereby you can build up to achieving the full qualification in a time frame that suits you.

    Can I study outside of the UK?

    We currently have 57 Accredited Study Centres outside of the UK who offer our qualifications. And if there isn’t a centre local to you, you will be able to study with an online provider, receiving online tuition and support. You can search for an appropriate centre here.

    When can I start studying a CIM qualification?

    Each Accredited Study Centre has their own individual start dates, so we would advise you contact your preferred centre, to discuss this.

    How do I find out about any exemptions and transition arrangements, if I am/have studied a CIM qualification?

    To discuss your potential exemptions and transition arrangements please contact our Qualifications team on +44 (0)1628 427120 or qualifications@cim.co.uk

    How much will it cost?

    There are different costs associated with a CIM qualification. You will need to pay a tuition fee to your Accredited Study Centre, the cost of which can vary per centre. Fees payable to CIM include your annual membership fee and cost of assessments. You can find a list of appropriate fees on our website. Students are eligible for reduced assessment fees if residing in a country that qualifies for international reduced rates.

    Can I study on my own?

    Self-study is a not an available method of study. To study a CIM qualification, you must be enrolled with one of our Accredited Study Centres. Studying with an Accredited Study Centre means you can be confident that you will receive the best teaching practices, from qualified marketing professionals.

    I have a marketing degree. Am I eligible for any module exemptions?

    We partner with leading universities worldwide to match the content of their marketing degree courses against CIM qualifications, to assess where we can award exemptions through our CIM Accredited Degree programme. You can look to see if your university and degree are included here.

    Can I use post-nominal letters after completing my qualification?

    If you complete the CIM Marketing Leadership Programme or Postgraduate Diploma in Professional Marketing, you will be able to use the letters, ‘DipM’ after your name. If you complete the Diploma in Professional Marketing or Diploma in Professional Digital Marketing, you would be eligible for associate graded membership and could use the letters ACIM after your name, whilst holding current membership.

    Will I be a Chartered Marketer after completing a CIM qualification?

    The prestigious Chartered Marketer status is achieved through a combination of qualifications, experience and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). To become a Chartered Marketer, you must first reach ACIM, MCIM, or FCIM graded membership and then complete two years of consecutive CPD, as well as an online assessment. A CIM qualification at level 6 and 7 will contribute towards your eligibility for graded membership.

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