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Marketing the Brand

Best practice brand management; the secrets of great brand management from the worlds leading brands.

Profitable Product Management

A career development programme for product managers combining marketing, financial and people skills

Implementing Strategy

How to effectively implement an organisation's strategy to deliver successful outcomes.

Advanced Must Know Law for Marketers

Protecting brands and reputation in a complex legal and regulatory world.

Business Maths for Marketers

How to apply basic financial, mathematical and statistical techniques to help you quantify marketing performance.

Agency Briefing and Management

Get the maximum from agency partners and the creative process.

Market and Sales Forecasting

Get ahead of the curve and give yourself a core competency.

Leadership Skills for New Managers

The definitive course for new leaders - now in its 13th year

Psychology of Persuasive Marketing Communications

How to develop persuasive, effective marketing messages that increase conversations and boost sales.

Search Engine Marketing

How to plan and manage effective SEO and PPC in Google and Bing

Writing an Integrated Marketing Communications Plan

Creating successful integrated marketing communication campaigns,by properly planning for them.

Brochure Writing: A Practical Approach

The A-Z of writing brochures and leaflets - packed with useful information.

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