CIM is an Ofqual regulated qualifications provider and is accredited by the European Marketing Confederation.

Our qualifications are delivered through an international network of accredited study centres, enabling you to learn in a way that suits your lifestyle – from bite-size flexible modules to full qualifications.

Each module is based on our unique Professional Marketing Competencies designed to help marketers meet the increasing demands of them at every stage in their career.

CIM Qualifications

Foundation Certificate in Marketing

Level 3 (Foundation)

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For people of all ages who are new to marketing. Ideal for apprentices, those starting out in a marketing career or other job roles which require a basic understanding of marketing principles.

Certificate in Professional Marketing

Level 4 (Intermediate)

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For aspiring marketers who want to gain the knowledge and skills to progress their career to the next level. Ideal for those working in marketing support roles (e.g. marketing assistants) or whose current job encompasses elements of marketing.

Diploma in Professional Marketing

Level 6 (Intermediate)
Equivalent level to an undergraduate degree

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For marketers who are working at a strategic level (e.g. Marketing Executive, Marketing Manager) and want to develop their current marketing knowledge and skills. Also suitable for account managers and business development managers.

Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing

Level 7 (Advanced) (in two stages)
Equivalent level to a Master's degree

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For experienced marketers and senior business people who want to gain a professional qualification while working at a strategic level or aspiring to do so.

CIM Leadership Qualifications

CIM Marketing Leadership Programme

Level 7 (Advanced)
Equivalent level to a Master's degree

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For experienced marketers working at a strategic marketing or management level or aspiring to do so. Also suitable for consultants seeking professional recognition and status, whether working on behalf of an organisation or as an independent business owner.
Please note: This qualification is only offered within the UK.


  • My overall experience with the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing was invaluable. It also offers a great addition to my CV, so I can stand out against other candidates.
    Jessica Bell, Marketing Executive, Perfectly Clear Marketing

  • I believe that my career in marketing would not have progressed as quickly as it has if I hadn’t gained the CIM Certificate in Professional Marketing. It definitely helps me stand out and I feel it adds to my credibility.
    Eileen Donaghey, Marketing Manager, Anthony Gold Solicitors

  • Since graduating having achieved two CIM professional marketing qualifications has made me stand out in the market and my ACIM accreditation has really added to my CV. Doing CIM was one of the best choices I made while at university.
    Bradley Johnson, Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator, University of Hertfordshire

  • Completing the Diploma in Professional Marketing has definitely improved my overall knowledge of marketing theory, as well as enhancing my CV and giving my confidence a big boost.
    Marc Wilcox, Analyst Relations Intern, Tata Consultancy Services

  • Studying the Diploma in Professional Marketing has increased my confidence, authority, respect from senior management and ability as a 360° marketer.
    Adam Jones, Senior Manager, Lifestyle & Entertainment, CEEMEA, Discovery Networks International 

  • Understanding how people think, behave and the psychology behind marketing has always interested me and as a young, 19-year-old marketer, CIM allows me to open up doors for my future.
    Sean Higgins, Marketing Student