What is marketing?

At CIM, we define marketing as, ‘The management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably’.

Every product you buy, every service you use, every store you visit, every media message you receive and every choice you make, has been influenced by the forces of marketing.

It’s about understanding the competitive marketplace, whichever field you’re in. It enables you to tap into key trends, identifying something that people or businesses want, developing a product that meets this need at the right price, and promoting the product in the right place and at the right time. The essence of all marketing is about understanding people and what drives them to behave in the way they do.

How do I get into marketing?

There are many routes into the marketing industry and a relevant degree isn’t essential. So if you’re not going to university, a CIM professional marketing qualification could be the right choice for you.

Recognised worldwide, our marketing qualifications have been specifically developed to respond to the increasing demands of those within and entering the industry. When studying a CIM qualification, you’ll have the additional advantage of gaining the practical skills sought by employers, boosting your CV and increasing your employability.

Recent research by marketing recruitment experts, Brand Recruitment, has found that our Foundation Certificate in Professional Marketing, Certificate in Professional Marketing and Diploma in Professional Marketing were the three qualifications that employers look for after degrees, when hiring for marketing roles.

Studying with CIM will also mean you will join our membership network, which provides you with access to a wealth of online resources, events and career advice to help you build a long and successful career within marketing.

Is marketing right for me?

A successful career in marketing requires a lot of skills. Whilst not all of these skills are necessary, if you can pick out a couple that you’re good at, this will really help you when applying for marketing roles or courses.

  • Art and Design

    Art and Design

    If you have a creative flair, a career in marketing would suit you well. The ability to create and communicate products in a compelling way, will help you to succeed in the industry. And an interest in how brands visually differentiate themselves, will make you stand out against others looking to get into the industry.

  • English and Humanities

    English and Humanities

    Effective communication is key to marketing, so if you’re good with words and language, marketing could be perfect for you. Whether it’s a magazine article or social media advert, you’ll be talking directly to your audience and unless you get the important points across clearly, you’ll never persuade them to buy your product.

  • Maths


    If you’re good with numbers, lots of elements of marketing require a good grasp of maths. From analysing customer data, to calculating whether a promotional campaign has been profitable, there are various roles within the industry that you could be right for.

  • Computer studies and IT

    Computer studies and IT

    Technology has become increasingly important to marketers in helping them deliver and promote their products in the market – just look at the rise of programmatic advertising and augmented reality. The forward-thinking people with the technical skills to make all of this happen, are among the most successful marketers.

  • Languages


    Marketing is an increasingly global business. The ability to speak foreign languages and understand other cultures gives you a major advantage when working for multi–national companies. This could also give you the opportunity to live and work abroad.

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