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Advanced Selling Techniques

Developing techniques to win more sales and build long term profitable partnerships with your customers.

Advanced Content Strategy

Gain practical knowledge and skills to build successful content strategies

Digital Growth Marketing

The complete conversion rate optimisation toolkit and process to drive ROI from day one

Fundamentals of Marketing B2B

Improving company competitiveness and performance in the B2B marketplace.

Advanced Copywriting Skills

Think about your copywriting in a more conceptual way and dramatise ideas for your audience.

Introduction to Public Relations

A comprehensive insight into the key elements of PR

An Overview to Strategic Marketing

How to match your company's resources and skills to the opportunities developing around you

Designing and Implementing a Market Research Project

Follow 10 steps to plan and execute a market research project - a structured and practical guide

Fundamentals of Project Management

Gain the confidence and skills required to implement the essential stages of project management

Email Marketing

Best practice for a core digital channel

Fundamentals of Marketing for NFP and Public Sector

Marketing's application in the public and not for profit sectors

An Overview to Marketing Planning

Use logical planning to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your business.

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