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Leaders are always being consciously and unconsciously assessed. Body language and non-verbal cues create first impressions and confirm biases long before content has begun to be understood. To show confidence in their communications in both in-person and virtual contexts, good leaders invest time crafting communication that showcase their expertise - and therefore, their right to lead. Great leaders know that their great content needs to be supplemented with great body language. Body Language that shows confidence, competence, and credibility. They know that a failure to project the right body language alongside the right content, can often lead people to the wrong conclusions about their capability as a leader.  

This course gives attendees the body language tools to effectively (and literally) “look” like a leader, that others want to follow. Armed with these tools you can ensure your clients, colleagues and peers come to the right conclusions about your credibility as a leader. This knowledge will boost your confidence, because you’ll understand that people’s first impressions and unconscious biases will be informed by body language that supports - rather than detracts, from your communication.

Who should attend?

Leaders who understand that their personal and team success is partially built on their ability to engage, motivate and inspire others, and want to know how they can use their body language better to achieve those aims.

Leaders who want to be effective in every environment. If a leader is running team meetings remotely, they understand these require an adjustment to body language to be as effective as in-person meetings.

Learning outcomes

Leaders need to be able to communicate effectively in a range of in-person and virtual situations. This course will help you learn how to:

  • Take charge and confidently set the scene in presentations
  • Enhance your credibility by displaying confidence gestures when communicating
  • Maintain focus in meetings by setting visual agendas through gesture
  • Facilitate a positive flow and control of conversations in meetings
  • Build relationships by demonstrating you are listening through body language
  • Engage people when communicating remotely through body language
  • Ensure key messages are understood by effective use of emphasis gestures
  • Demonstrate the strength of your conviction through gesture

Course Dates

Start Date Duration Location
01 Feb 2024 1d Virtual
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09 May 2024 1d Virtual
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Course Director

Martin Brooks

Martin Brooks is a communications & Body Language Expert and the author of, Body Language Decoder, published in 2021. He has over 20 years of international experience coaching senior executives on how to use their body language better, enabling them to boost their credibility with their colleagues, customers and peers. Martins body language expertise has been featured on the BBC, LBC radio and on the Discovery Channel. Martin is a highly experienced Course Director, running programs with CIM since 2008. Martin brings a depth of experience to his courses and is focused on adapting the course to help each individual learn how to use their body language more effectively.


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