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    The founding of our Institute

    On 16 May, marketing as a profession began in the UK when 12 individuals met at the Inns of Court Hotel in London and created a new professional association. The Sales Managers' Association was created to improve sales techniques and set the role of sales on a more professional footing. E.S. Daniells becomes the first Chairman of the Association, and is considered the founder of CIM.

    Sales Managers' Association aims:

    "To promote, encourage and coordinate the study and advancement of sales management in all its branches, both home and overseas. To initiate and maintain investigation and research into the best methods of sales management, to safeguard the interests of sales managers, to extend, increase and disseminate knowledge, to exchange information and ideas with regard to all matters concerned therewith, and to assist and further, in all practicable ways, the development and improvement of sales management, market research, advertising and the conduct and handling of all sales of commodities, goods and service in the higher interest of the British people."




    The Association's name changes

    The Association is incorporated and the name changes to the Incorporated Sales Managers' Association (ISMA). This is the essential first step towards professional recognition.


    Forming affiliations around the world

    The ISMA National Chairman, Arthur Chadwick, visits America to form an affiliation with the American National Association of Sales Managers. CIM also becomes actively involved with the Associated Advertising Clubs of the World, who plan to hold their convention in London in 1924.


    First branch formed

    Following on from an AGM resolution to form a branch network, a Development Committee is constituted, and Council agrees that the first branch be formed in Manchester.

    First Annual Conference

    Our first Annual Conference was held in Buxton on 27-28 May.


    Benevolent Fund established

    Our Benevolent Fund is established, with E.S. Daniells as Chairman. Through the fund, the London Orphan School received the year's donation of five guineas.


    Formal education starts

    The first annual Certificate examinations are held.




    Marketing magazine

    The ISMA magazine is renamed Marketing to stamp the journal as devoted to one of the most important of the business sciences. Its scope is widened to produce 'a well-balanced journal, interesting and authoritative, and worthy in every way to represent the Association.'


    New education syllabus

    A new three-year education syllabus is in operation with two exams a year - an intermediate and final.


    Silver jubilee

    To mark the Association's Silver Jubilee, the National Conference, held in Harrogate, is professionally filmed, and the Conference Bulletin contains a message from King Edward VIII.

    Royal Charter application

    The Association applies for a Royal Charter but is refused.


    First royal patron

    King George VI becomes Patron of ISMA.




    First correspondence courses

    With the Second World War severely affecting the UK, the Association contributes to the war effort with the first correspondence courses for service personnel. At its height, exams involving 6,000 students are held in 82 Prisoner of War camps.


    Recognition for wartime efforts

    The Sales Managers' Association in the United States presents ISMA with its Howard J Ford Award in recognition of the Association's wartime efforts.

    Textbook fund for prisoners of war

    A fund is set up to supply textbooks on sales management for prisoners of war to which members contributed generously.


    Recognition from the UK Government

    The importance of the Association to management education is recognised by the UK Government.


    New definition of sales management

    Membership eligibility is reviewed and the definition of sales management extended to: 'The whole of that part of business administration known as distribution'.




    Autumn conference

    The Association's Autumn conference is addressed by the President of the Board of Trade, Harold Wilson (who would become British Prime Minister in 1964).


    HRH The Duke of Edinburgh becomes Patron

    With the death of King George VI, HRH The Duke of Edinburgh consents to become the new Patron of the Association.


    Founding of the European Contact Group

    The Association is instrumental in the founding of the European Contact Group of Sales and Marketing Associations, which later becomes the European Marketing Council.


    Annual Dinner

    The Annual Dinner is held at Claridges and is addressed by Harold Macmillan, then Chancellor of the Exchequer.




    Name change

    As a result of changes in the industry, the Association changes its name to The Institute of Marketing and Sales Management.

    Introduction of DipM

    The Association's examination is revised and reintroduced as the Diploma in Marketing and candidates are allowed to use DipM after their name.


    National Productivity Year

    As part of 'National Productivity Year', a special luncheon was addressed by HRH The Duke of Edinburgh and Prime Minister Harold Macmillan, who stressed the importance of marketing as an essential element in improving UK business performance.


    College of Marketing - founded

    The College of Marketing is formally founded, providing a permanent residential faculty.

    European Marketing Council

    The European Contact Group becomes the European Marketing Council.


    Name change

    The name of The Institute of Marketing and Sales Management is changed to The Institute of Marketing.




    Move to Moor Hall

    The headquarters were moved from Marketing House in Holborn, Central London, to a nine-acre site at Moor Hall, Cookham, Berkshire.

    First MIGs formed

    Marketing groups for specific industries we formed. The first were the Construction Industry and the Travel Industry.


    First Code of Practice

    The first Code of Practice is presented to all members. All members are bound to observe its provision under the terms of the constitution.


    Definition of marketing

    A new definition of marketing is approved: "Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably".




    Official opening of new College

    The new College of Marketing buildings and offices at Moor Hall were officially opened by Roy Jenkins. National President John Briggs described the new buildings as "probably the best equipped Management Training Centre in Europe".

    Membership to require qualification

    The criteria for membership was changed so that every application is required to have an approved marketing qualification in addition to practical experience.


    Royal Charter refused

    The Privy Council announced that the second petition for Royal Charter has not been granted.


    Winners for the 1983 National Marketing Awards are invited to 10 Downing Street

    The winners of the 1983 National Marketing Awards are invited to 10 Downing Street by Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to attend a special reception for successful companies.


    The Government request that The Institute of Marketing manage The Department of Trade and Industry's Government Support for Marketing Initiative.


    Royal visit

    HRH The Prince of Wales visits Moor Hall and participates in two training courses (Strategic Marketing and Women in Marketing), before discussing the importance of good marketing to British industry and UK economic prosperity.


    Royal Charter awarded

    Her Majesty the Queen awards The Institute of Marketing with the Royal Charter so becoming the Chartered Institute of Marketing.




    The preferred qualification across Europe

    The European Union adopts CIM's Diploma as the preferred professional marketing qualification through member states.

    CIM establishes closer links with other international marketing organisations, including Japan, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa.


    First CPD programme

    CIM becomes the first professional institute to launch a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme.


    The Diploma qualification is awarded postgraduate status, enabling increasing numbers of Diplomates to continue their studies to Masters level.


    CIM forms the first overseas region in Sri Lanka.


    Overseas regions formed

    Further overseas regions are formed in Hong Kong and Singapore.


    International growth

    CIM's international presence grows with the opening of the Malaysia branch.


    The first Chartered Marketer awards are made.




    MSSSB established

    The Marketing and Sales Standards Setting Body (MSSSB) is established by the Department for Education and Skills (DfES) at CIM to develop world-class benchmarks of best practice for the Marketing, Marketing Communications, Sales and Telesales occupational areas.


    New National Standards for Marketing and Sales are launched.

    David Magliano, the marketer behind London's successful bid for the 2012 London Olympics, is awarded Fellowship of CIM.


    CIM's Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programme is relaunched, with a greater emphasis on CIM being a marketer's life-long career partner.


    Chartered Marketer 10th anniversary celebrations.

    Introductory Certificate in Marketing and Professional Certificate in Marketing relaunched with updated syllabus.


    CAM Digital Qualifications launched.

    Professional Diploma in Marketing and Chartered Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing relaunched with updated syllabus.

    Dual Awards with Universities were launched in 2009.

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing relaunched their website. One of the additional features is access to the CIM Library catalogue.




    Our community of Chartered Marketers increased by 9% to 5,519.


    Centenary celebrations including banquet at Windsor Castle.


    CIM rebrands and delivers a new Strategy.


    The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, has agreed to become the new Patron of the Institute.