Prove your worth to current and future employers by joining our Chartered CPD Programme. It’s a great way to manage your professional development whilst also demonstrating your commitment to keeping up-to-date and learning new skills.

What is CPD?

'The proactive maintenance and extension of professional knowledge, skills and personal qualities required to drive responsible practice throughout working life.'

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is about improving skills and knowledge, ensuring you remain current and effective as a marketing professional. It’s relevant throughout your career – whether you are new to marketing or an experienced professional wishing to keep abreast of the latest trends and techniques.

What’s in it for you?

By joining our CPD programme, you’ll gain:

  • new skills and knowledge, up-to-date with the latest trends.
  • tangible evidence of your commitment, competence and professionalism.
  • enhanced opportunities in a competitive job market.
  • personal confidence in your credibility as a marketer.
  • a clear route to Chartered Marketer status.
  • an opportunity to track progress and receive recognition for your achievements.
  • improved productivity.
  • increased ability to adapt positively to change.

The need to maintain and extend your professional knowledge, skills and personal qualities remains unchanged. But we’ve devised a new programme to make the whole process a great deal easier. More personalised, supportive and flexible – our new CPD programme is about helping you achieve the understanding and expertise that are expected of today’s marketing professionals.

What’s changed?

These are some features to look forward to:

  • Tailored programmes – Your membership grade and proficiency will help us decide which of our new programmes, Affiliates and Associates or Members and Fellows, suits you best.
  • CPD online – Manage your record, progress and submissions with ease.
  • Added flexibility – Submissions now in sync with your membership year.
  • Counting credits – Affiliates and Associates will now be aiming for a total of 35 credits, not hours.
  • Reflective writing – Members and Fellows will now write four reflective statements on their chosen CPD activities.
  • CPD on the go – Whether you’re reading an article with your morning coffee or networking with other marketers, you can use our mobile app (available on Apple and Android devices) to record your achievements on the go.

More about CPD

Everything you need to know about the new programme, including information on credit values, reflective statements and accessing our new online platform ‘MyCPD’.

Take control of CPD

Working towards Chartered Marketer status

Join an elite community of marketers, all committed to maintaining the very highest standards in marketing knowledge and experience. Use the Chartered Marketer logo (and designatory letters) to show others that you are an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional.

You can achieve Chartered Marketer status through a combination of knowledge, experience and continuing professional development. If you’re currently a CIM member at MCIM or FCIM grade, you can work towards Chartered Marketer status.

Become a Chartered Marketer

Need a CPD Year Break?

If you are ill or on maternity/paternity leave, you may be eligible for a CPD year break. If you are a Chartered Marketer, this allows you to retain your Chartered Marketer status without submitting CPD. If you are working towards Chartered Marketer status, a CPD year break will allow you to have a year break in-between your first and second year of CPD, keeping your submissions continuous. To apply, please email cpd@cim.co.uk and a member of the team will be able to advise you.

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For questions about CPD
Call +44 (0)1628 427120 
Email cpd@cim.co.uk

CIM members can register for the CPD programme by logging into their MyCIM account and selecting MyCPD.

 Once registered, members will have access to further CPD information through the CPD platform.