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  • Why transparency is key for brands

    Back in 2014 when we launched our research ‘Keep Social Honest’, we explored the path to positive engagement between brands and consumers on social media. This research identified transparency and trust to be the main barriers when trying to achieve this. Today, brands are still competing to be centre of attention as they crowd your social feeds with recommendations, endorsements and advertising. We have also witnessed the growth of review sites expanding far beyond what we anticipated, and the popularity of bloggers and vloggers have impacted this space by making reviews trendy.

    With all the changes that have occurred, we decided to revisit this research to find out what consumers now think of brands on social media. Taking a deeper dive into what steps brands need to take to ensure the integrity of their actions and interactions with customers online are transparent and honest to achieve the best return from their investment in social.

    In order to achieve this, we surveyed 3,000 UK consumers to get a clear view of how they feel about brands online.

    This research shares our findings and clear guidelines on how brands can ensure their online reputation is transparent and honest for both consumers and businesses alike.

    Join in the debate #KeepSocialHonest.