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    CIM Joins The Nation In Celebrating The Coronation of King Charles III

    The Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort on Saturday 06 May is fast approaching. This special event is particularly meaningful to us all at The Chartered Institute of Marketing as we are honoured that King Charles III has been our Patron since 2019. We work closely with him to support our members and promote the value our profession gives both business and the wider society.

    We wanted to share some recommendations on how the sector can celebrate this landmark moment. Please see below a recommended checklist to help you best prepare for Coronation weekend:

    • The Coronation is an event for all, and the Royal Family has generously given permission for the Royal Coronation Emblem to be used freely for commercial use, merchandising and advertising purposes. However, it is important to follow the guidelines which are freely available at: https://www.royal.uk/coronation-emblem
    • Respect both the tradition and individual views: The Royal Coronation is a significant event steeped in tradition and history, but many are uncomfortable with the commercialisation and cost of such pageantry. Our recent research shows that over a third believe it is inappropriate for brands to involve themselves in the event. 
    • Authenticity and credibility: If you do choose to mark the Royal Coronation, ensure your actions are authentic and credible. If you’re encouraging your customers to join in the fun, have you given colleagues a fair chance to take time off to participate? Authenticity and credibility are key to building trust with the audience and maintaining a positive brand image.
    • Inclusivity and diversity: The Royal Coronation is an event that represents the entire nation, and it is important for marketers and brands to be inclusive and diverse in their approach. Avoid any marketing communications that may be perceived as exclusive or biased towards a particular group. Again, our research warns that those aged 18-34 are more likely to consider the expense of the event out of tune with straitened economic conditions. 


    Here is some advice on social media posting:


    • If you plan to create a Coronation related post on your social media accounts, you may wish to include a relevant hashtag such as #Coronation, to ensure that more people see your post. This technique is known as newsjacking. However, it may not be appropriate to promote a discounted promotional offer or a very sales related message using #Coronation if your business is not related in any way to the event. Think about how your post is respecting the event as well as the beliefs of your customers.
    • Official hashtags for the event include #Coronation, #CoronationConcert, #CoronationWeekend and #CoronationBigLunch and, on Twitter, will be automatically accompanied by an emoji motif depicting St Edward's Crown. 


    Respect and permissions

    • As the official rules and guidance around social media posting aren’t extremely clear, it is best to ensure that members of the Royal Family aren’t displayed in social media promotion or advertising and posts are more suggestive in nature. Use of the official Royal Emblem should also be avoided.


    Authentic Storytelling

    • Brands should use the coronation as an opportunity to tell a compelling story that resonates with their online audiences, such as the history and tradition behind the event or, even better, a connection that it might have to the Royal Family. This will allow the message to again remain authentic and relevant, and avoid exploiting the event for commercial gain.
    • More generally, it is important to think about whether a Coronation-focused social media post is relevant and appropriate to your business and customers to avoid appearing as taking advantage of an event that many will be holding in high regard. 


    If you wish to factor in neuromarketing or consumer behaviour tactics in your content/storytelling activities please remember that:

    • In terms of consumer behaviour, the coronation is going to have strong associations with nostalgia, which can be deployed with great effect on this occasion. This can be achieved by utilising all of the senses when communicating to customers and prospects. The coronation and its accompanying celebrations will be highly visual, and we are hearing more about concerts and other sensory elements too.
    • How can you build on this? Distinctive brand assets include colours, logos, characters, celebrities, music, and sensory engagement when used in conjunction with a brand’s product or service. Don’t just rely on the visual sense for your campaigns – try to engage the other senses too as these provide a great opportunity for campaigns to stand out in what will be a very busy, but yet potentially homogenous, marketing period.


    Coronation Weekend Timeline:

    • Saturday 06 May – Coronation Ceremony at Westminster Abbey, London
    • 06 – 08 May – Coronation Big Lunches across the country and Commonwealth
    • Sunday 07 May – Coronation Concert at Windsor Castle
    • Monday 08 May – Bank Holiday, Big Help Out activities


    We hope you enjoy celebrating Coronation weekend.


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