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  • CEO Chris Daly on the latest Impact of Marketing Report


    CEO Chris Daly on the latest Impact of Marketing Report


    The Chartered Institutes of Marketing's latest report in the Impact of Marketing series focuses on the challenges and opportunities for marketers when working globally. Our research identifies key opportunities for marketers who are willing to work on international campaigns as well as some of the major challenges they face.


    The goal of our first Impact of Marketing report series in 2019 was to better understand the state of the UK marketing industry. Little did we know how important the study would become in benchmarking marketing’s changing role in society, during an incredibly turbulent time.

    Now in its third year, we are carrying out the latest study during a pivotal period when our industry is hoping to rebuild stronger, but where the societal challenges have certainly not abated. The impact of the pandemic, coupled with rising costs, skills shortages, global political unrest and the environmental crises means marketers in the UK are navigating a difficult landscape. Despite these hurdles, I am confident in our industry to build back better.

    That is because over the last few years, we have witnessed the marketing profession truly elevate itself and rise to the multiple challenges that have come its way. Marketers have responded by reskilling, creating campaigns that have inspired a whole society to re-evaluate its actions and aspire to be better. I am incredibly proud of what our sector has achieved.

    As we are emerging from a moment in history where shopping habits, customer preferences, and expectations of brands have experienced a watershed, and where consumers are regularly reassessing their brand loyalties, the first instalment in our 2022 series explored how marketers need to adapt in response. We hope you found this an insightful read with useful tips on how to stay close to your customers.

    Building back better

    Now, as we look forward, this second report explores how marketers can make the most of the global opportunities that are available to us, and the ways in which we are currently holding ourselves back. Undoubtedly, the UK marketing industry produces some stellar examples of what our profession can achieve - and it is only right that we look to expand our horizons and chase down international work to elevate our brands and our professionals.

    Global opportunities provide us with the chance to showcase the talent we have in our industry on a world stage, but they also give us a moment to share our views, and act as advocates not just for our profession, but for our planet and its many people.

    I stated in the previous report that our professional duty is to highlight the value marketing brings to our society. We must fulfil this by seeking out opportunities to upskill and to understand other cultures and people’s experiences, so we can produce work that is inclusive. I hope the findings of this year’s Impact of Marketing series fills you with confidence in our industry and gives you the insight needed to build for the future.

    - Chris Daly

    CEO, Chartered Institute of Marketing



    Download your copy of CIM’s Impact of Marketing report where you will find CIM's analysis of the current business landscape and insight into the challenges and opportunities for marketers when working globally. 


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