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    In today's customer-led world and in the age of data-driven marketing, marketing has never had such a perfect opportunity to shine.

    Marketing has always been the part of the organisation that is closest to the customer, and is often first in line to lead digital transformation and innovative new customer journeys. The same goes for brand reputation. At a time when Britain prepares to leave the European Union, and with increasing pressure on organisations to be proud to fly the Great Britain flag, that must surely put marketing front and centre in delivering a future-proof corporate identity?

    Consumers are increasingly vocal about the role they feel brands should be playing in upholding ethical standards of operations, giving them increasing influence over how the business operates.

    This is not to mention the looming introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will have a serious impact on how data is treated, with the potential for brand-breaking fines and negative publicity for those that fall foul of compliance. This puts marketers in a critical position to protect the business.

    On account of such uncertainties, we commissioned this report to uncover the key challenges and opportunities marketers are facing in 2017, and why marketers need to start a new dialogue with the wider organisation, including leading change and communicating what the business needs to do, in order to flourish in a mid- and post-Brexit economy.

    To read the report click here: https://cimcomms.uberflip.com/i/798147-the-challenges-opportunities-marketers-final

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