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  • CIM supports CMA campaign to tackle online fraud


    CIM announces support for CMA campaign to tackle online fraud

    The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched a new campaign to tackle misleading online practices following a surge in ecommerce shopping as a result of the pandemic. The new “Online Rip-Off Tip-Off” campaign is aimed to help consumers identify and avoid these misleading online tactics which could result them in being tipped off.

    Research commissioned by the CMA revealed that 71% of people shopping online had encountered these tactics, and 61% described their experience as negative. This is exacerbated by the fact they are often hard to spot and people don’t know how to avoid them.

    Discussing the launch of the campaign, Chris Daly, CEO at the Chartered Institute of Marketing said:

    “Data shows that 87% of UK consumers are now making purchases online, however with that comes an increased chance of being misled and mis sold to.  With this growing concern, businesses now face a serious risk of regulatory or legal action if they are believed to be using dishonest marketing practices. The impact of misleading customers online goes far beyond just potential lost sales and often leads to a loss of trust, which can have wider and longer-term negative implications to brand reputation. Consumers now have access to more information than ever before and with that comes a stronger position in the stakeholder chain, and a louder voice. Our own research revealed that consumers who lose trust in an organisation more often than not completely turn off from a brand on social media if they feel the claims, they make aren’t genuine.”

    “We welcome and support the CMAs ‘The Online Rip-Off Tip-Off’ campaign as it very much supports the growing need to educate businesses regarding the risks of poor marketing practices, something that CIM works hard to address as the professional body for marketing. It may be true that the ecommerce sector is evolving fast and that many across business have little or no understanding of the regulations affecting their communications on social media – but ignorance is not an excuse for the consequences are still the same.”

    To read more about the campaign, click here.


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