Interview: 46% of students want a marketing career


46% of students are interested in a marketing career but employers must invest in training 

The Drum recently interviewed Maggie Jones, director of qualifications and partnerships at CIM on why marketing is a popular career choice for Gen Z's and what they can expect from a marketing career. According to CIM research, almost half (46%) of 16-24 years olds want a career in marketing. The survey of 1,000 young people, revealed over a fifth perceive marketing as a safe career choice, offering new hope for the future of the industry amid talent shortages in the midst of the so-called ‘great resignation'.

Over a third (37%) of Gen-Z say the pandemic has encouraged them to think more carefully about the quality of life they will be able to lead if they continue in their current profession or the one they plan to enter.

The survey showed that many of CIM's university and accredited study centre partners saw an increase in the number of students starting marketing courses, with the University of Liverpool Management School reported that demand for its BA Marketing course has been exceptionally high for the year 2021-2022. 

To read the full article in The Drum, click here.

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