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    The importance of marketing in East Anglia’s push for sustainability

    As literal and geopolitical climates shift, businesses in East Anglia must explore the full potential of sustainable marketing initiatives, both to withstand and to affect change. Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) for the East of England, Marie Lake, discusses the necessity for environmental marketing.

    Never has there been such consensus on working towards a more sustainable future. The consistent phasing out of fossil fuels across western society, international efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and topics tabled at the forthcoming COP 26 climate change conference are all indicative of this desire for cleaner, more climate-friendly practices in society. The big push for sustainability isn’t coming, it’s already here, and one way or another it will affect those on every rung of the corporate ladder.

    However, East Anglia, with its high levels of CO₂ and greenhouse gas emissions, must be careful not to fall behind environmentally. According to local authority carbon dioxide emission estimates by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial strategy, the East of England increased its CO2 emissions between 2017 and 2019. Given the UK has committed to reducing its net carbon emissions, this increase from East Anglia is a problem. Although the global reduction in emissions because of COVID-19 forced East Anglia’s levels down in 2020, we must ensure CO2 production does not skyrocket as society continues to re-open by promoting sustainability within the region’s key industries.

    To read Marie's full article in East Anglia in Business, click here.

    Ensuring a sustainable future is the biggest challenge we face today and one in which business and specifically marketing play a significant role. Book now to join us at CIM's Sustainability Summit on 31 March 2022 to find out more. 

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