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  • Opinion: Recruitment and the digital age


    By Corinne Lavictoire and James Delves

    The digital revolution has had a profound effect on the way employers hire potential employees, becoming more effective when searching the right skills set. Powering AI in the recruitment sector is now speeding up the mundane side of the recruitment process, with the likes of Goldman Sachs using the technology to place graduates in the right roles. The computer algorithms in the technology has meant that sorting through and making sense of more data has become beneficial in saving time on performing these tasks that often requires human intelligence, decision-making and the rigorous procedure of searching the required skills through CVs.

    In recent years, the recruitment industry has going through a wave of change as global expansion, demography, societal expectations and digital platforms all change how recruitment is undertaken. Whilst the industry has come under fire in the past about unconscious bias undermining the recruitment process, this is changing. Organisations are now focussing on establishing and improving workforce diversity. There is an increase on smaller, functional HR teams on working on how to create more diverse teams up for success in an organisation. A trend played out in LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report, which came to light was diversity, inclusion and belonging, revealing that 82% of UK hiring managers say this is the key factor impacting their hiring process. 

    Many businesses believe that marketing has become crucial in developing a diversity strategy for their recruitment processes. In fact, 56% believe senior management should be responsible for developing a diversity strategy, with 35% thinking HR should be responsible and 9% believing marketing should also play a part. If organisations adopt a more strategic approach in their hiring processes such as crafting campaigns to inspire those looking for their next challenge, then those organisations will have a much better chance in unlocking diverse talent amongst our society.

    Shifting from the traditional means of recruitment isn’t the only factor that is shaking up the industry. Candidates are now having more control over the process, with recruiters having less of an emphasis on whether the candidate is good enough for the role but more focus on whether the company is doing enough to keep potential candidates engaged. Furthermore, it has come at a crucial time for brands to build effective benefits in order to attract candidates to the job on offer.

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