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    CIM awards marketers with digital badges to highlight achievements and support career progression

    ● Digital badges will become the certificates for the digital age
    ● Badges will aid career development and recruitment, creating a competitive advantage
    ● Marketers engaging in CPD and qualifications will now be easily identifiable for employers
    ● Research shows 60% of marketers planning to move jobs this year
    ● Chartered, Fellows and senior marketers will be able to differentiate themselves

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has launched a digital badge scheme to help marketers to show their level of qualification, experience and seniority.

    CIM members and the wider marketing community can use the digital badges across social media, email signatures and personal websites to reflect their association with CIM and their achievements in the marketing industry.

    The scheme will benefit both individuals and businesses by providing an easily identifiable way to recognise marketing talent and commitment to CPD. Marketers will be able to display badges showing successful completion of CIM qualifications or training courses as well as if they are a Fellow or have Chartered status.

    The digital badges will also allow HR teams, recruiters and hiring marketing professionals to check credentials, certifications and learning outcomes online, by clicking ‘see credential’ in the licenses & certifications section of a LinkedIn profile.

    The launch coincides with new research from recruitment firm Hays showing that 67% of marketing employers plan to hire in 2021 and 60% of marketing professionals plan to move jobs this year. CIM hopes that its new digital badges will support both marketers seeking new roles and businesses looking to recruit marketers. The launch will enable CIM members and the wider marketing community to develop digital CVs quickly, highlighting key qualifications and a commitment to CPD.

    For the launch CIM has prioritised its members introducing 10 digital membership badges first, with qualification and training set to follow in the near future, providing marketers of all levels with the means to differentiate themselves or their businesses on platforms like LinkedIn.

    Discussing the launch Chris Daly, CEO of the Chartered Institute of Marketing said: “We’ve always provided our members and the wider marketing community with paper certificates showcasing their achievements but now they can stand out and demonstrate their individual achievements instantly on any device.”

    “With more than 400 million people using a platform such as LinkedIn across 200 different countries, the differentiation on social media is essential. These badges will enable professional marketers to be easily identifiable and to stand out from the competition. Marketers from across our community have made a significant commitment to their training and continual professional development. The introduction of digital badges enables them to clearly show employers and future employers their commitment to CIM and the marketing profession.”

    Marketers will have complete control over their badges, which are securely stored online in each member’s account, allowing them to be shared via social media or downloaded to verify achievements instantly.

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    About CIM:
    For over 100 years, CIM has supported the marketing sector. With over 20,000 members in more than 100 countries, CIM strives for business leaders and opinion formers to recognise the positive contribution professional marketing can bring to their organisations, the economy and wider society. We support, develop and represent marketers, organisations and the profession all over the world. Our ability to award Chartered Marketer status recognises a marketer’s commitment to staying current and abiding by a professional Code of Conduct. While our diverse range of training courses and world-renowned qualifications, enable modern marketers to thrive in their roles and deliver long-term success for businesses.


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