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    Chartered Institute of Marketing reveals changes to Chartered Status

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) has announced significant changes to its Chartered status, the marketing industry’s most prestigious accreditation. 

    The changes represent a shift in the skills required of marketers today and will provide businesses with an up to date indicator when it comes to appointing qualified marketing talent. The decision also brings CIM in line with other Chartered bodies, where the average age for Chartered status across accountancy and management is just 24, compared with 29, which is approximately the earliest a marketer can secure the status.

    This will immediately help over 7,000 younger marketers, who will now be eligible for the accreditation. Chartered status provides an extra level of certification and trust. Extensive research from the CIM highlights the growing demand from younger marketers to gain professional recognition earlier in their careers. 

    Access to the CIM’s new Chartered status will allow younger marketers to stand out from the competition. It also provides businesses with the reassurance that they are investing in talent that have the mark of an up-to-date, relevant and responsible professional.

    This is particularly important given that marketing’s role as a business-critical function has adapted significantly in recent years. Organisations are increasingly recognising the power of digital, and are more reliant on marketers to protect and grow their brand identity and revenues.

    CIM’s updated Chartered status comes into effect from April 1st. It will now require the following:

    • 3 years’ experience (or level 6 qualification);
    • 2 years of recorded Continuing Professional Development (CPD);
    • and completion of the Chartered assessment.

    Previously, marketers needed to hold a Member or Fellow grade CIM membership, and have submitted two years’ CPD at this level. This was in addition to holding a Level 7 qualification in marketing, which is the equivalent to a Master’s degree.

    Chris Daly, CEO of The Chartered Institute of Marketing said:

    “Marketing is a key function in delivering business growth, so it's essential that we equip marketers with the most up to date training and accreditation to ensure they can prove their worth as a key driver of performance.”

    “We pride ourselves on setting the standard for professional marketing. These changes will have a significant impact on younger marketers, who will benefit from the new opportunities their Chartered status will unlock, as they progress in their careers.”

    Kate Gardhouse, director of customer experience, IT & operations at The Chartered Institute of Marketing said:

    “The fast-paced nature of marketing makes it an extremely exciting profession, but its rapid digital expansion and evolving scope of vital skills can make it hard to keep up.”

    “For young professionals, this issue is particularly pertinent. We have worked hard to update the Chartered status to ensure that more marketers, with wider skills sets, can benefit from accreditation. This change will help individuals demonstrate their professional advantage, and provide businesses with the confidence in their marketing departments to deliver.”


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    About CIM

    The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) is the world’s leading professional body for marketing, with over 28,000 members worldwide, of which there are over 2,500 Chartered Marketers.

    CIM’s mission is to create a marketing advantage for the benefit of professionals, business and society with a focus on export, data and skills. CIM believes marketing is the critical factor in driving long term organisational performance.

    CIM provides members and organisations with five key benefits: 

    • Partnership – CIM is a professional and organisational partner to support performance and career development
    • Education – CIM allows individuals and businesses to continuously upskill
    • Information – CIM keeps members up to date with the latest marketing thinking, and keeps organisations at the forefront of practices
    • Connection – CIM provides access to services, expertise and peers
    • Recognition – CIM is the global benchmark of professional competence

    For more than 100 years, CIM has supported, represented and developed marketers, teams, leaders and the profession as a whole. There are 120 CIM study centres in 32 countries and exam centres in 132 countries worldwide. In the last year, over 7,500 people registered at over 230 UK CIM events. Find out more about CIM by visiting www.cim.co.uk.







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