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  • Release: Research finds AI, burnout, inclusivity and falling budgets keeping marketers awake at night


     Research finds AI, burnout, inclusivity and falling budgets keeping marketers awake at night

    • Survey finds that 44% of marketers haven’t seen their teams become more diverse in the last 12 months
    • More than half (56%) worried about burnout in their current role
    • 59% worry that brands will cut marketing budgets due to economic pressures
    • Over half (52%) concerned that new tools overshadow parts of their job and hamper personal development

    18 June 2024  - New research from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) highlights the issues keeping marketers up at night in 2024. The latest Impact of Marketing report suggests that progress on diversity and inclusion is stalling with 44% of respondents stating that their team has not become more diverse within the last 12 months.

    Only around half of those surveyed (56%) indicated that they felt that progress had been made on diversity and inclusion within their teams. Some respondents reported seeing a greater diversity of ethnicities (28%), genders (12%), and ages (11%) when compared to 12 months ago. The industry also saw marginal progress on neurodiversity (3%) and physical disability representation (2%).

    The pace of the industry is having an impact on the wellbeing of marketers, with more than half (56%) admitting they feared burning out in their current role. Three fifths (59%) of 25-34 year olds indicated they were worried about experiencing burnout, compared to just 38% of 45-54 year olds. This suggests that those in entry and mid-level roles are experiencing the brunt of the stress at work, which managers should be
    mindful of.

    The research also indicated that wages haven’t seen significant growth over the last 12 months with around a fifth of those surveyed (18%) reporting their salaries had stayed the same and just over a third (36%) having seen modest increases between 1 – 5%.

    Marketers confident but concern growing over economy

    As well as diversity and burnout worries, marketing professionals report a number of topics that are concerning them as we reach the halfway point of 2024. First and foremost is the prospect of another year of turbulent economic times, as three fifths (59%) say they’re concerned that brands are spending less due to external financial pressures. In an increasingly globalised world, a stagnant or shrinking UK economy has wider repercussions for British marketers. Half (49%) are worried that the growth of the marketing industry in Britain will be surpassed by its international competitors.

    Alongside these concerns is the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) and how it might impact marketers’ ability to progress in their careers. Half (52%) are concerned that the new tools will overshadow parts of their job and hamper their personal development. Most (61%) believe they have the skill to adjust to the new technologies, but almost two-thirds (65%) believe AI is being introduced too quickly.

    Mental health a bigger priority

    With so many challenges faced by marketers, there has been a heightened focus on protecting employees’ mental health. Three quarters (74%) of marketers polled believe that their employers now take mental health more seriously than they did before the pandemic hit in March 2020. That focus is yielding results too, as more than half (57%) say that their company’s mental health initiatives have had a positive impact on their wellbeing.

    One factor that is taking its toll is the prominence of hybrid and remote working. Two fifths (39%) of respondents agree that working from home has negatively affected their team’s creativity. Collaborative environments have productivity gains and benefits for employee health and wellbeing. 70% believe that face-to-face interactions boost their output, while a similar proportion (71%) say that working in person positively impacts mental health. Despite these gains, 59% report that it’s now normal to not meet new team members at all.

    Mark Scott, Director of Marketing and Communications, CIM says: As we continue to operate in challenging times it’s great to see the importance being placed on people and the well-being of individuals by organisations. The research confirms that this ultimately drives better business outcomes as well as benefiting individuals.

    “Team retention will continue to be a challenge for businesses in the second half of 2024. The cost of living crisis and inflationary pressure will undoubtedly require many of us to tighten our belts. Marketing leaders must continue to prioritise the well-being of their teams in order to keep hold of great talent.

    “Marketing has a huge responsibility to drive diversity and inclusion. While it’s encouraging to see that some marketers feel progress has been made on ED&I initiatives, there is still more to be done to see improvements across the board. Defining what good looks like in this area should be high on the agenda for every marketing leader.”

    Today’s research is the 2024 update to the third and final instalment of CIM’s ‘Impact of Marketing’ research series, which explores the roles and careers of marketers in a post-pandemic society. For marketers looking to upskill, CIM offers a range of online services including webinars, podcasts, training materials and online courses. CIM offers a range of qualifications and professional training on many of the topics discussed in this report. Our website has more information about our new qualifications and latest training courses

    CIM members can access the findings of the report below.

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    Notes to editors

    About the research methodology:

    For the latest Impact of Marketing series, CIM conducted three waves of polling over the course of a year with 500 UK adults working in marketing, in-agency and in-house roles, overseen by Opinium. The first survey was carried out online between 9th - 16th March 2022. The second wave of polling was carried out online between 2nd - 16th August 2022 and the final wave online between 2nd-9th June 2023.

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