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    The impact of technological change on the marketing sector has accelerated during the 21st century impacting every level of business. More than ever before, change has affected everything from operations to how organisations interact with the market.

    In keeping pace with these changes, the marketing profession has evolved. A modern marketer needs to wear many hats, combining their individual area of specialism with a wider ranging brief to act as strategist, consultant and ambassador for the profession. Our value lies in our ability to facilitate and translate the commercial aims of our employers into clear marketing goals.

    New research

    In the first of three papers in our Impact of Marketing series, we present our most in-depth study to date of the roles professional marketers are undertaking within business.

    In keeping pace with change, the marketing profession has suffered a loss of identity and cohesion with long-established disciplines such as PR, advertising and branding, mixed in with digital optimisation and social media marketing. Our aim is to shape a better definition of what marketing truly means today and establish a stronger link to the commercial and social goals it serves.

    CIM and Opinium have researched and analysed the views of 1,200 professionals in the field and their peers to develop this report. 

    Addressing the key issues

    ‘Marketing’ as a business practice can prove as hard to define as ‘management’, but nonetheless marketing has a great deal of value to deliver commercially and societally. In this report, we will not only expand current levels of understanding regarding the impact marketing can have but also demonstrate:

    • Marketing’s contribution to society
    • The breadth of skills marketers now need to succeed
    • How to address the disconnect between CMOs and the board
    • The skills marketers need to develop or upskill to succeed


    Access the full report click here.

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