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    The value of professional marketing training

    CIM's director of qualifications and partnerships, Maggie Jones, recently spoke to the key marketing trade press on the advantage of professional marketing training and why young marketers are drawn to the marketing sector.

    Marketing has become a popular career choice for young people, with research by CIM revealed that nearly half (46%) of 16-24 year olds consider marketing as a top career choice, with one in five (22%) said that marketing is a safe career path. These figures reflect the growing appreciation of young people's view that the marketing function is to make a positive difference to wider society, as well as an industry that provides career progression and stability in the current climate.

    Commenting on the value of professional marketing training, Maggie said: "Those who do CIM qualifications benefit from knowing more about the applicability of theory, as well as the challenges and benefits that they can bring. Studying whilst in a professional role brings the added benefit of experience and reflection. It also gives individuals the opportunity to implement theory in the real world whilst learning how to measure these results in a practical way.

    "There is perhaps an incorrect assumption that having a formal education in marketing diminishes creativity. Good marketing campaigns need to not only wow and inspire, but also need to meet business objectives. Whilst some marketers are naturally creative, it is much harder to self-teach theory, experience, and practice - three aspects that are critical to effective marketing strategies.

    "Marketing education needs to remain agile and dynamic to meet the changing needs of both businesses and consumer attitudes. For example, we’ve already seen how the influence of social channels has led to marketers requiring better digital skills.

    "We anticipate the next key area of focus in marketing education will be sustainable marketing. Recent research from CIM found that 70 per cent of young people aged 16-25 years old said they are more likely to buy products from a brand that advertises and markets how sustainable their products are. A marketer, irrelevant of their education, should always be receptive to new ideas, but with the next generation demanding more effective marketing around the sustainability of products and services, there is a clear business case for more education in the area."

    To find out more about the value of professional marketing training, career opportunities for marketers post-pandemic and why marketing is becoming a career of choice for young people, click on the below article link and research:

    Marketing Week -  Why marketing is becoming a career of choice for young people

    CIM and Hays research - Marketers seek careers fit for post-pandemic future


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