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  • Aims of the module

    A key responsibility for Senior Marketers is leading and managing transformational change within an organisation. Sustainability is now critical for all types of organisation to authentically demonstrate its commitment and balance it with other commercial needs. In this module you will look at the different role marketing plays within an organisation in today’s economy. You will explore the future risks, opportunities and challenges for your organisation that will equip you to make strategic recommendations in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies to drive business change. Finally, you will build a personal development plan around driving change to support you to manage the transition required for ongoing sustainability integration.

    Module structure

    By the end of this module you should be able to:

    Unit 1: Re-framing Marketing

    • Gain critical insight into the sustainability challenges and opportunities for marketing and business (negative and positive)
    • Determine marketing’s role in the regenerative economy

    Unit 2: Re-orientation/Sustainability Values Perspective

    • Recognise sustainability related opportunities and risks for future organisation success
    • Develop the strategy and components for transformational change

    Unit 3: Leading Transformational Change

    • Recommend a framework to implement your organisation’s strategy for authentic sustainability, to ensure credibility, and to measure progress on an going basis
    • Develop the senior leader’s resilience toolkit for driving change effectively and authentically

    Assessment: Assignment 

    • An assignment based on a given scenario relating to an organisation of choice.

    View module specification document.


    Award level
    CIM level 7

    Estimated study time
    200 hours

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