Aims of the module

This module provides an understanding of how communications can be used in practice to engage with customers. On completion of the module, you will have an appreciation of the different customers that an organisation may have and how those customers make buying decisions. You will also have an understanding of the purpose of marketing communications and a knowledge of the range of communications tools available.


Finally, you will know how to prepare an outline customer communications plan and how to measure the plan’s effectiveness.


Module structure

The module comprises three units with two learning outcomes each. Each learning outcome will be covered by the related assessment criteria and will be assessed by way of assignment. By the end of this module you should be able to:

Unit 1: Who are our Customers? 

  • Identify different types of customer (15%)
  • Understand how customers make buying decisions (15%)

Unit 2: Communicating with our Customers 

  • Outline the purpose of customer communications (15%)
  • Understand the range of communications tools available to engage with customers (20%)

Unit 3: Creating a Customer Communications Plan 

  • Outline the structure and content of a customer communications plan (25%)
  • Know how the effectiveness of the communications plan can be measured and evaluated (10%)

Assessment: Assignment

The assessment will require submission of an assignment based on a short case study. 

View module specification document.

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Award level
CIM level 3

Estimated study time
120 hours

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