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  • We are working closely with selected CIM Accredited Study Centres who have a proven track record of delivering CIM qualifications and are also on the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. CIM qualifications are not included as part of the levy funding, however these partners can work with you to develop a suitable apprenticeship delivery package and offer module exemption pathways upon completion:

    CIM Accredited Study Centres

    Professional Academy

    Apprenticeship Training Provider as a CIM EPAO Partner:

    Program Design and Enrolment
    • Develop and deliver marketing-focused apprenticeship programs aligned with Apprenticeship standards and CIM requirements.
    • Assist with apprentice recruitment, ensuring eligibility and proper enrolment.
    Training and Development
    • Provide a mix of practical and theoretical marketing training to build the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare learners for real-life roles.
    • Ensure training meets industry standards and the requirements set out in the apprenticeship standard, appropriately preparing learners for End Point Assessment.
    • To offer ongoing guidance and support throughout the apprenticeship on programme learning.
    Progress Monitoring
    • Track and record apprentice progress regularly.
    • Conduct reviews with apprentices and employers to ensure training is on track.
    Understanding the End Point Assessment (EPA)
    • Explain the CIM EPA structure, components, and assessment criteria based on the apprenticeship standards to apprentices.
    • Provide clear information and guidance on how best to be prepared for the End Point Assessment with CIM.
    Feedback and Reviews
    • Deliver detailed feedback on progress and readiness for the CIM EPA.
    • Set action plans to address any knowledge or skill gaps.
    • Conduct practice assessments to simulate the CIM EPA environment.
    • Provide constructive feedback on performance and areas needing improvement.
    Collaboration with Employers
    • Work closely with employers to ensure on-the-job training aligns with CIM EPA requirements.
    • Inform employers of their role in supporting the apprentice’s CIM EPA preparation

    Other Apprenticeship Partners


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