Aims of the module

The new constant is a disruptive state of flux, winning managers will be those who embrace entrepreneurship and create transformational change and value for their organisation. You will investigate the dynamics of innovation and change, and this unit will enable you to identify the key learning processes in driving distributive strategies.

Module structure

Three units with two learning outcomes each. Each learning outcome will be covered by the related assessment criteria.

Unit 1: Disruptive Strategies 

  • Establish the key drivers for change within the global marketplace
  • Apply learnings from existing disruptive strategies 

Unit 2: Entrepreneurial Innovation

  • Critically assess organisation capability for change
  • Recommend entrepreneurial strategic change

Unit 3: Transformational Change

  • Evaluate approaches to developing an innovation culture
  • Critically assess how innovation can contribute to value creation

Assessment: Assignment

An assignment based on a given scenario relating to an organisation of choice.

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Award level
CIM level 7

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