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  • Aims of the module

    The landscape we are operating in is changing across the world, with the climate crisis and the need to drive a more sustainable future. The need to move away from focusing on growth and profit at any cost, and build more sustainable led strategies which focus on people, planet and profit and deliver well-being for all, is high up on the global agenda. With this shift comes the need for countries and organisations to assess where they are on the sustainability scale, understand the challenges and opportunities and authentically demonstrate their commitment to creating more sustainable living conditions alongside commercial needs and objectives. In this module candidates will look at the different role marketing has to play within a global organisation and in today’s global economy. Candidates will explore the future risks, opportunities and challenges which allow them to inform decisions and recommendations in the development and implementation of sustainable strategies to meet the needs of the future operating landscape. The module will also equip executives with the knowledge, know-how and thinking to not only build sustainable strategies, but also communicate, execute and evolve them effectively both internally and externally to their key stakeholders.

    Module structure

    By the end of this module you should be able to:

    Unit 1: Re-framing Global Marketing

    • Gain critical insight into the sustainability challenges and opportunities for marketing and business (negative and positive)
    • Determine marketing’s role in the regenerative economy

    Unit 2: Re-orientation/Sustainability Values Perspectives

    • Recognise sustainability related opportunities and risks for future global organisation success
    • Develop the strategy and components for transformational change

    Unit 3: Leading Transformational Change

    • Recommend a framework to implement global organisation strategy for authentic sustainability to ensure credibility and to measure progress on an ongoing basis
    • Build the senior leader’s resilience toolkit for driving change effectively and authentically

    Assessment: Assignment

    An assignment based on a given scenario relating to an organisation of choice.

    View module specification document.


    Award level
    CIM level 7

    Estimated Study Time
    200 hours

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