Qualifications: Five actions to stay ahead in digital marketing

Qualifications: Five actions to stay ahead in digital marketing

  • Broadcast: Thursday 01 March 2018
  • Imran Farooq

The world of digital marketing moved at a rapid pace throughout 2017 and this year it’s going to move even faster. So, as an experienced marketer how are you going to ensure you stay ahead?

Hosted by Imran Farooq, Digital Marketer and CEO of MMC Learning, this live interactive webinar focuses on the Digital Diploma in Professional Marketing. Designed to bridge an identified skills gap within the market, this qualification provides marketers with the skills needed to develop effective digital strategies, drive digital experiences and master digital channels.

What you'll learn:

  • The importance of positioning yourself as a marketer before it is too late
  • The techniques and pathways for developing your personal goals
  • How this unique qualification opens different pathways and opportunities for future marketing roles
  • Models to become more productive in your day to day marketing role and gain the recognition you deserve.

Watch our webinar and get prepared for the digital challenges ahead. 

We look forward to seeing you at future webinars!

About the Speaker

Imran Farooq
Imran Farooq Founder, MMC Learning

Imran is CEO of MMC Learning, a joint venture training company based at Manchester Metropolitan University and a leading study centre for CIM. He shares his insights on successfully completing marketing qualifications below. 

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